Posted by MeridianLink | January 24, 2023

Explore MeridianLink’s End-To-End Digital Lending Platform

At MeridianLink®, we hear from leaders at financial institutions who say they love our account opening and loan origination system but wish we also offered business intelligence tools, collections software, and consulting services. The good news is, that as an end-to-end digital lending platform, MeridianLink does offer these solutions—and more.

If your organization uses one of our core account opening and loan origination products (or a competing product) and you’re not acquainted with our add-on products and services, it’s time you got to know them, so your organization can create a seamless digital experience that meets consumer expectations and helps grow your business. 

Integrating MeridianLink Products & Services

MeridianLink® One isn’t a standalone solution. Rather, it comprises all our products and services—from deposit account opening and loan origination to collections software, credit reporting, business consulting, and just about everything in-between.

MeridianLink products and services are sold separately, but many can be connected and integrated within the MeridianLink One digital lending platform.

The seamless integration of MeridianLink products, as well as our integrations with hundreds of third-party partners within the MeridianLink Marketplace, help financial institutions of all types and sizes deepen consumer relationships and cross-selling opportunities, while eliminating silos for organizations and streamlining workflows for staff.

Compare & Combine MeridianLink Products

Here’s a high-level overview of our offerings to help you see, in one place, how your organization can get the most from MeridianLink by combining your digital lending capabilities into one secure and powerful cloud-based system.

MeridianLink® Consumer

As a single loan origination system, MeridianLink Consumer consolidates and streamlines applications from all channels, applying the same rules and processes to ensure a streamlined workflow for staff and a frictionless digital experience for consumers.

MeridianLink® Opening

With robust functionality ranging from identity verification, OFAC checks, e-signature, switch kits, and core system connectivity, MeridianLink Opening saves operational costs and helps increase consumer satisfaction from application initiation to digital account opening.

MeridianLink DecisionLender®

For both direct or indirect installment lending, MeridianLink DecisionLender automates the loan origination process, enabling borrowers to apply for credit digitally and be automatically pre-approved. This helps organizations increase market reach, improve the consumer experience, and streamline the approval process with minimal IT involvement.

MeridianLink® Engage

A comprehensive, end-to-end consumer lending, account, and card marketing automation solution, MeridianLink Engage enables organizations to create an enhanced profile of consumers. It combines consumer data and third-party data with our cutting-edge decisioning marketing engine to empower efficient targeting of consumers with customized, relevant communications to drive revenue across the organization.

MeridianLink® Mortgage

A digital, scalable mortgage loan origination solution (LOS), MeridianLink Mortgage empowers lenders to process loans quickly and accurately. A comprehensive suite of powerful tools allows for customization while maintaining strict regulatory compliance.

MeridianLink® Collect

A cloud-based debt collection tool, MeridianLink Collect allows organizations to identify loan delinquencies and connect with third parties to handle debt collections. It replaces tedious workflows with increased automation, sophisticated analytics, and easy-to-use functionality.

MeridianLink Mortgage Credit Link™

A plug-and-play web-based order fulfillment hub, MeridianLink Mortgage Credit Link is a one-stop solution for institutions that provide verification services. It simplifies product ordering with an intuitive web interface and integrated tools for order fulfillment.

MeridianLink® Portal

Optimized for speed and efficiency, MeridianLink Portal expands existing lending and deposit account origination platforms to online consumers while ensuring control of the entire online application experience. Financial institutions of any size can customize the look and feel of their web presence and determine which loan and deposit account applications they want to make available online.

MeridianLink® Insight

The most powerful business intelligence tool for MeridianLink users, MeridianLink Insight is a turnkey data solution designed to help financial institutions make better business decisions faster.

MeridianLink® Consulting

With affordable business consulting and analytics solutions, MeridianLink Consulting delivers the quality and expertise of an internal team at a fraction of the cost. Its eight unique consulting services help staff operate at peak efficiency by optimizing products and performance.

MeridianLink SmartAPI™

The industry standard for complete and easily merged credit reports and verification services, MeridianLink SmartAPI helps financial institutions connect data from dozens of service providers with customizable response layouts, merge technology, attribute data, and dedicated support.

Learn More About MeridianLink One

Your financial institution delivers unique products and services to a unique community, which requires an end-to-end digital lending platform tailored to your unique needs and goals. Request a demo to learn more about the products and services designed to help you meet consumer expectations and streamline processes for staff.


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