Drive Profitability & Optimize Decisions With Your Data

We’ve made it easier than ever to turn your data into actionable insights

Stand Out From the Competition

Well constructed analytics empower your financial institution
to go from keeping the pace, to setting the pace

In the past, many financial institutions assumed taking advantage of analytics was out of reach, either from a cost or data standpoint. The practice was deemed too expensive to get a positive return on the investment, or FI’s had too many concerns about their data—they didn’t have enough, it was outdated, was not properly organized, or they simply didn’t know how the data they had would be used for such a high-powered analysis to uncover accurate and beneficial insights.

MeridianLink’s data analysis and reporting solutions eliminate the need for expensive R&D, exhaustive master data management exercises, and high-risk IT processes. The personalized consulting programs and business intelligence tools are based on a continuous improvement approach, helping financial institutions make better and faster business decisions, enabling revenue growth and potentials for optimizing the consumer experience.

Smart Business Consulting

Predictive analytics, validation, scorecards, policies, and more

MeridianLink® Consulting is the product and performance optimization arm of MeridianLink. We work with clients from a wide variety of financial institutions, including credit unions as well as community, regional banks, and banks with a national and international presence.

Through a combination of thought leadership, expertise, support, and operational excellence, our years of experience can help give your organization a competitive advantage.

Predictive Analytics

Agile predictive analytics featuring configurable performance analytics.


Validation, tracking, and monitoring of scorecards and lending policies.

Custom Packages

Tailored analytic packages include underwriting and portfolio analytics.

Risk-Based Pricing

Optimized pricing framework based on data analytics and financial modeling.

Credit Management

Guidance based on decisioning models and simulations.

Disparate Impact Analysis

Using a methodology compliant with CFPB and FDIC.

The Power of Business Intelligence

MeridianLink® Insight is a dynamic interactive and analytical visual reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with our consumer loan and account origination solutions.

For an even more powerful view of your data and performance, pair MeridianLink Insight with MeridianLink® Data Connect.

While dynamic on their own, the pairing of these two data solutions can improve your ability to harness data to drive cost-effective growth, respond to regulatory pressure, and provide a more complete consumer experience.

How Does It Work?

Used on its own MeridianLink Data Connect provides secure, daily, automated transfers of your MeridianLink loan and account origination data into your data warehouse. The integrated approach expands upon that data transfer process to then use MeridianLink Insight for immediate analysis of your origination data through easily accessible reports and dashboards.

Increase revenue and profitability by quickly and easily identifying opportunities or areas that need improvement.

Data Intelligence

Quickly identify data elements custom fit to your needs.

Fast, Flexible Reporting

Create interactive reports and dashboards in minutes, instead of days.

Impactful Insight

Identify, measure, and predict the success of program offerings.