Loan Origination Software (LOS)
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Automate Custom Loan Processes without Custom Fees & IT


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Finance companies face a myriad of challenges in automating their loan origination processes. Because of the diverse customer base and the wide range of financial needs, the challenges of designing and tailoring a unique lending process with all configurability, flexibility, and security can be daunting. Couple that with the ability to immediately access third-party vendors and lending portals as well as archived data to upgrade scoring and decision rules all with minimal IT involvement multiplies that challenge.

The necessity for finance companies to automate their loan originations is now greater than ever especially as 24/7 digital applications and pre-approvals become the norm. Whether it is direct or indirect installment lending, increasing your market reach digitally, improving the customer experience with ease and speed along with enhancing the back-office experience for underwriters and processing staff are now requirements.

Fuel Your Growth in Lending

Quickly adapt to an evolving marketplace with DecisionLender, a remarkably versatile consumer loan origination platform supporting on-the-go underwriting opportunities.

With DecisionLender, you get:

  • Simplified digital lending
  • Flexible and configurable: make changes instantly
  • Cloud-based, fully secure loan origination solution
  • Responsive design for use on any mobile device
  • The ability to give your customers what they want

Digital Lending Applications

Indirect Automotive

Loans for automotive, motorsport, RV, and watersport markets primarily through dealership networks, many focusing on the subprime/nonprime/near prime markets


Direct-to-consumer loans primarily for the subprime/nonprime/near prime markets including “buy here, pay here” loans provided by automotive dealers who do in-house financing


Installment loans for home improvement, household/specialty items and services/procedures that are financed through the manufacturer, dealership, contractor, or service provider

Unsecured Personal

Unsecured personal loans and debt consolidation especially in subprime/nonprime/near prime markets, most with limits on loan amounts


What Sets DecisionLender Apart

Improved Customer Experience

System provides a mobile-friendly experience giving you 24/7 loan origin capabilities with save and resume functionality, robust safeguards, and multiple risk controls to reach a larger audience

Enhanced Back-Office Experience

Cloud-based, paperless loan origination with automated application acceptance, processing and real-time decisioning abilities, allowing you to configure to your unique workflow requirements and make immediate changes when necessary


Complete deployment program with system configuration and maintenance lowering need for IT on your side. System features a proprietary digital portal as well as access to other key lending portals, key core system integrations and required third-party vendors for electronic contracting eSignatures, insurance, warranties, and a wide variety of other providers

Greater Lending Flexibility

Remarkably versatile platform supporting on-the go underwriting opportunities for both direct and indirect installment lending

Better Data-Based Decisions

System provides tools for you to analyze and improve performance and improve monitoring of your business in real-time through interactive management reporting

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