MeridianLink Collect

An easy and efficient way to manage the collection process! The SaaS cloud-based collection software is so simple to set up and manage, any role on your collection team can do it.

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MeridianLink Collect Debt Collection Software Gets Delinquencies Under Control

MeridianLink Collect, formerly known as XpressCollect®, helps you easily and efficiently manage your delinquencies. The cloud-based debt collection software provides unmatched benefits with a sleek user interface that delivers the ultimate user experience. It's so simple, everyone on your team can be trained to set it up and manage it. MeridianLink Collect collection software not only replaces tedious workflows of the past with increased automation, sophisticated analytics and easy-to-use functionality, it also evolves with your financial institution's operations and goals.

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Custom Queues

Easy to set up workflows for a more efficient collection process

Custom Reporting

Robust list of preformatted reports and ability to create custom reports


Snapshots that provide the total collection process down to tasks


Payments, insurance, repossession and other important tools

Core Activity Visibility

Ability to instantly view customer or loan information in your core system

Payment Scan

Real-time payment tracking to create less friction & improve process



Immediate Productivity

Because our solution is cloud-based, there’s no complicated software to install. There is never a need to download, upgrade or worry about being on the latest version. This eliminates the need for expensive technology equipment or specialized staff to manage it. You can easily automate manual processes so you can spend your time recovering more money.

Comprehensive Integration for Full Control

MeridianLink Collect’s seamless integration with MeridianLink Consumer and MeridianLink Opening brings all three operations together to empower clients with real-time data to achieve greater success. This integration ensures every aspect of these operations is conducted with transparency and efficiency. MeridianLink Collect’s powerful engine enables your financial institution to see all submitted applications to give your consumers and your collection specialists a better experience.

Dedicated Support and Training Resources

MeridianLink Collect’s intuitive design and functionality make for a straight-forward training process. The combination of friendly trainers and comprehensive how-to guides in the MeridianLink Collect Knowledge Base ensures your team is fully supported. After the implementation, our highly trained support experts are always available to help with any issues through chat, email, and phone.


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