SmartAPI Credit Verification

The smartest credit verification services API.

Ours, like most industries, is constantly changing. Our clients want more data about their prospective customers in more ways than ever before. Partnering with MeridianLink is a vitally important asset in providing the best customer experience possible. And with that, the team at MeridianLink is always there to work closely with us and our customers to provide industry-leading solutions such as SmartAPI.

Tracy Dunleavey, App Developer, LASER Credit Access

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The smartest way to connect to the credit and verification services you need.

The number of credit resellers and verification service providers has boomed in recent years. But how much time can you spend integrating your platform to each one? Do you have the resources it takes to develop three, five, or ten different APIs to retrieve the data your business needs to succeed?

Instead of investing in wasted development time, connect to a single API to access credit and verification data from dozens of resellers and service providers. Take advantage of our customizable response layouts, merge technology, attribute data, and dedicated support staff to save resources and gain an edge over the competition.



Merge Technology

Need credit information from all three major credit bureaus? Our powerful technology pulls credit bureau data within seconds, and a sophisticated algorithm balances variations in reports to create a single, highly accurate trimerge credit report.


Customized Reports

Choose between four credit report layouts and hundreds of different variations to highlight the credit details you need to see.


Verification Services

Connect to dozens of credit resellers and service providers who verify employment, assets, deposits, tax transcripts, criminal records, and much more. Simply change a few values in the API request, and you're ready to connect.


Easy Data Retrieval

SmartAPI simply requires web access. Requests are sent via HTTPS with 128-bit SSL encryption to gain almost immediate access to credit reporting from all three bureaus, including VantageScore and FICO scores. Retrieve data in XML format and use with other supported data types, such as HTML, MISMO, PDF, TEXT and X12.


Quick and Smooth Transitions

Financial institutions and fintech companies currently approved by the credit bureaus or verification service providers can integrate to SmartAPI in five days or less. Our dedicated support staff will walk you through the steps to get started.


Access a Large Provider Network

MeridianLink partners with more than 30 credit reporting agencies and verification service providers that work with over 150,000 active end-users. One API is all you need to connect.

Quick Development Time

Financial institutions and fintech companies that are current subscribers or are already authorized by the credit bureaus can integrate to SmartAPI in five days or less, saving time and money. Our integration kit provides everything you need to connect, including sample requests, XML schemas, product test cases, and best practice workflows.

Minimize Risk

Minimize your institution’s liability by using SmartAPI to store credit reports and verification service data offsite instead of in your system. With various security checkpoints, like multi-factor authentication and a 128-bit SSL encryption, you can have confidence in the security of the data you provide to your customers.

World Class Support

Work with a single technical point of contact to begin the setup process. Our dedicated support staff boasts a 99% satisfaction rating and is available to make sure your integration moves successfully through testing and into production.