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Purpose-Built Solutions To Evolve Alongside Your Member Expectations

In a world where digital transformation is rapidly reshaping our industry, credit unions have a unique advantage—a rich tradition of community involvement, personal service, and a strong sense of belonging. For over 25 years, we’ve built trusted relationships with our credit union partners, fusing these cherished qualities with cutting-edge digital capabilities that empower you to stand out by offering the best of both worlds—an inviting, personal touch alongside the convenience of modern technology. 

MeridianLink® serves a majority of the CUs on Forbes’ 2023 list of America’s Best Credit Unions.

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Optimize Your Member Experience

Defy the age-old belief that digitalization leads to impersonal transactions confined behind a screen. To truly optimize your member experience, you need a solution that’s going to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. Our fully digital, configurable solutions allow you to seamlessly leverage user-friendly interfaces, data analytics, and personalized communication to foster member loyalty, accelerate engagement, optimize decisioning, and improve risk mitigation—all while driving efficient growth.

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Overcome Outdated System Limitations

At the core of credit unions is a dedication to serving your members, a principle we deeply value. Often, siloed data and disparate systems challenge credit unions striving for superior member service. Our interconnected digital lending, account opening, and data verifications solutions are purpose-built to enable growth alongside your members. Member-centric experiences powered by data analytics, business intelligence, and hundreds of seamless partner integrations can help you eliminate inefficiencies, boost revenue opportunities, and nurture lasting financial relationships.

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Maximize Share-Of-Wallet Potential

Expanding your share of wallet is an opportunity to evolve alongside your members and build on those relationships. Our data-powered digital solutions help you to cultivate stronger member connections with intuitive cross-selling and patented debt optimization technology for tailored, preapproved loan offers. Our real-time loan optimization engine empowers you to deliver a swift, satisfying onboarding experience that reduces application abandonment, minimizes deposit attrition, and streamlines lending cycles so that you can easily attract new members and nurture deeper relationships. 

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Stay Secure & Compliant Without Sacrificing Speed & Experience

We’ve created a digital ecosystem where security, compliance, and member satisfaction coexist harmoniously. Our 100% cloud-native solutions integrate with a robust marketplace of trusted fraud and risk mitigation partners, seamlessly blending robust security measures with user-friendly experiences to support your success in the digital age.

The Statistics Are Clear

Digitization is the future of banking. Despite ongoing economic concerns, credit unions are progressively channeling their focus towards technology investments, emphasizing data analytics, automation, and advanced lending solutions to optimize member service and ensure a more efficient and responsive experience. 


Future Focus

95% of financial institutions plan to enhance lending solutions(1)


Embracing Automation

48% are prioritizing automated decisioning(1)


Data Strategies

42% report data for strategic insights as top priority(1)

(1) Source: Jack Henry

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