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Ensure Your Digital Solutions
are Communicating and Sharing

MeridianLink® One empowers financial institutions to develop lifelong financial management relationships to support a consumer's entire financial journey. Connect our time-tested and trusted products into one powerful platform to turn lending automation, cross-selling, and loan optimization into transformational experiences for staff and consumers.
MeridianLink One, the platform of innovative products spans the entire digital lending journey from deposit account opening, consumer and mortgage loan origination, credit reporting, data access and verification, business consulting, analytics, collections, and scoring.
Each product and service is sold separately but many of the products and services can be connected and integrated within the platform. By integrating your Consumer and Mortgage Loan Origination systems you’ll increase efficiencies and improve the overall buyer and loan officer experience. Our seamless integrations eliminate the need to seek out disparate financial offerings and eliminate silos.

Enhance Consumer Opportunity and Experiences

Accelerate Growth Through Platform Connectivity

MeridianLink One Keeps You Connected


By connecting our tested and trusted consumer and mortgage digital lending and account opening solutions, the most comprehensive and curated third-party partner marketplace, and the industry-leading credit and verification data services into one powerful platform, MeridianLink has revolutionized lending automation, cross-selling, and loan optimization.

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Develop a Lifelong Financial Management Relationship With Your Consumers

With the integration of our industry-leading data services information into our connected innovative products, a financial institution can now approve loans more often and faster by having a full 360° view of a consumer’s financials and increase their share of wallet, in an instant. The secret to what makes the platform better than anything on the market today is the real-time loan optimization engine that
revolutionizes cross-selling and loan approvals.

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Consumer and Mortgage LOS Integration

Loan Optimization Engine

How It Works

How It Works MeridianLink One

This rich data access drives increased approval rates, grows revenue opportunities, and empowers financial institutions to develop lifelong financial management relationships to support a consumer's entire financial journey.

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The Growth Factor

Purchase more products, integrate them to accelerate ROI
and offer seamless digital consumer experiences.

Consumer LOS

End-to-end LOS for auto, credit card, personal, HELOC and business. 

Mortgage LOS

End-to-end smart automated workflows designed for scale. 

Deposit Account Opening

Online deposit account opening and funding in one location.

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