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Company: About MeridianLink


MeridianLink provides solutions that accelerate trust, empowering people to achieve what matters most.

MeridianLink, developer of the industry’s first multichannel account opening and loan origination platform, is a leading provider of enterprise business solutions for financial service organizations.

Our passion for excellence is reflected in our web-based credit reporting, lending and new account opening and deposit technologies. All of our products have a solid reputation of being cutting edge, reliable and affordable.


We provide solutions that accelerate trust and empower people to achieve what matters most. 

MeridianLink specializes in solutions for loan and account origination, digital functionality, verification data access, and data analytics and credit decisions.

From the beginning, MeridianLink's founders understood how the right technology can significantly impact efficiency, reduce costs and grow capital for financial institutions. Our developers pioneered cutting-edge solutions, including the industry’s first web-based credit reporting platform.

We provide powerful, yet practical, business solutions for the financial sector by leveraging innovation, expertise and dedicated client support. We launched the technology that has become the industry standard for web-based credit technology. Developers who believe in our products build our solutions, and our innovations adapt to the evolving credit landscape.

Core Values


We pursue enduring partnerships with our employees, customers and vendors to develop talent, support innovation and create value. MeridianLink’s success is based on partnerships that leverage our respective strengths. Our most productive relationships are built on mutual respect and strategic alignment, fostering trust and creativity. We proactively propose new ideas for success, providing candid advice and engaging in a free and dynamic exchange of views.

Relentless Pursuit

We are driven by purpose and determination to achieve excellence. Our tenacious focus on continuous improvement and growth is the antidote to complacency. We create competitive advantages by linking our passion for continuous improvement with our vision of the future. The foundations of our growth are our energy, initiative and persistence.


We are true to our values in guiding our actions and decisions.

Honesty and honor are embedded in our character and our solutions, enabling us to act based on values rather than for personal gain. It is a privilege to safeguard the resources and data that have been entrusted to our stewardship.


We leverage industry knowledge and technology to produce solutions for evolving market demands. Inspired by exploration and empowerment, we develop comprehensive solutions that lead the market and break technological boundaries to shape the industry. Our innovative mindset propels us to pursue creative ideas that change the world.

What Sets Us Apart

Leading Technology

Consumer demand drives the need for advanced technology, which can never arrive soon enough. We aim to close that gap as much as possible by using technology consultants and industry observers consistently recognized as progressive minds to help our clients maintain an edge.

Research & Development

The only way to become a leader is to know who you serve and how their needs evolve. Research and development is critical to understanding how to cultivate our solutions in ways that address existing needs and have the flexibility to adapt as those needs shift.

Rigorous Security Tactics

Security and reliability are top priorities, so we consistently exceed industry safeguards such as N+1 redundancy infrastructure. Our systems are continuously monitored by people and machines to stay ahead of potential breaches and mitigate the risk of fraud or sabotage.

Lower Operations Costs

With no software to install, no special hardware to maintain and our reasonable and transparent pricing structure, you can reduce your operations costs and ensure no surprise fees.

Seamless Integration

We designed our solutions to quickly and easily integrate with your existing core systems. Our web-based tools require minimal training by your existing staff so your switch is smooth and error-free.

Robust Protection

We are experts in data security. Every aspect of our system protects data during transfer and storage and ensures that you and your customers are shielded from fraud, litigation and other liabilities.

Team Members

I am driven by learning and innovating. MeridianLink provides me an opportunity to pursue innovation in everything I do. I am naturally curious and interested in improvement, and my position allows me to research new technologies and methodologies. The company supports my efforts and decisions.

- Eugene, Software Development Engineer
Team Member - Eugene

As a service oriented technology company, the importance of our clients’ needs is a given. I do whatever I can to ensure that we deliver products that meet our clients’ needs. I appreciate that MeridianLink recognizes our commitment and provides generous benefits, such as 401(k) matching, health programs and educational reimbursement. MeridianLink also provides fun perks, such as a casual dress code, waffle Fridays, movie and game nights, on-site snack bars and Nerf wars.

- David, Technical Support Representative
Team Member -David

My favorite part of my experience at MeridianLink is my colleagues; the talent and creativity of the team is off the charts! I am always excited to learn a new idea or approach that I had never thought of. Every day I learn something new and come away a little wiser thanks to everyone here.

- Isaac, Integration Success Engineer
Team Member - Isaac

I’m passionate about continuous improvement. My role has given me an opportunity to develop skills in relationship building, communication and technical know-how. MeridianLink’s values are in line with my personal attributes, supporting me to build understanding and interpersonal skills.

- Lowell, Software Automation Engineer
Team Member - Lowell