Powering Digital Lending, Account Opening, Data Analytics, and Credit Verification

We are One MeridianLink

Connecting You to Better

Better. We all strive for it every day. We want to live it.

At MeridianLink, we connect all sizes of financial institutions and fintech companies to better technology, better service, better people, and better solutions to streamline experiences so your members and customers can live better lives. We solve complex problems with powerful yet practical solutions.

Since the beginning, we have been a leader at adapting to change with unique, industry-first solutions. We meet opportunities head-on with innovation and drive. Our passion for excellence is reflected in our cloud-based digital lending, new account opening and deposit, and credit reporting solutions. All our products have a solid reputation for being innovative, reliable, and affordable. Simply put, we work to accelerate life’s most important financial moments.

Stronger Together:
Mission, Vision, & Values

At MeridianLink, our technology platform is our core offering, but our success is driven by our mission, vision, and values. These foundational elements help us build a thriving organization where our people are stronger together.

What Sets Us Apart

Leading Technology

Consumer demand drives the need for advanced technology. For two decades, our groundbreaking innovations have shaped the industry.

Rigorous Security Tactics

Our systems are continuously monitored by people, best practices, and machines to stay ahead of potential breaches and mitigate the risk of fraud or sabotage.

Seamless Integration

Our integrations eliminate the need to seek out disparate financial offerings and to eliminate silos within a financial institution’s organization.

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