MeridianLink CreditAPI

Credit verification services API

A Smarter Way To Connect to the Credit and Verification Services You Need

Credit resellers and verification service providers have been cropping up left and right in recent years. But while options are great to have, how much time and how many resources can you dedicate to integrating each individual solution into your platform?

Recoup that development time with MeridianLink® CreditAPI®, giving you access to credit and verification data from dozens of resellers and service providers from a single API. Take advantage of customizable response layouts, merge technology, attribute data, and dedicated support staff to save resources and gain a leg up on the competition.


Merge Technology

Pull data from the three major credit bureaus into one report within seconds.

Verification Services

Connect to dozens of credit resellers & verification services via API.

Easy Data Retrieval

Easy and secure requests sent via HTTPS with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Ours, like most industries, is constantly changing. Our clients want more data about their prospective customers in more ways than ever before. Partnering with MeridianLink is a vitally important asset in providing the best customer experience possible.”

Tracy Dunleavey, App Developer,
LASER Credit Access

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