LendingQB®: Originate Mortgage Loans Fast

Industry's Most Configurable SaaS Mortgage Loan Origination System

Fully automate the digital mortgage experience with a browser-based origination platform featuring a built-in pricing engine, seamless third-party integrations via open API and best-in-class client support.

LendingQB®SaaS browser-Based Mortgage Origination Software

LendingQB® is a SaaS browser-based loan origination software designed to optimize the end-to-end process. Our proven web services strengthen our lender's ability to deliver faster and compliant loans using our automation, technology, and dedicated support staff. Our comprehensive suite of tools (Open API, PriceMyLoan (PML), eDocs, web portals) allows for individual customization of the process while maintaining strict regulatory compliance. The mission is to take the robust operation of mortgage lending and train it into the fittest and fastest loan origination experience in the industry.


LendingQB is partnered with more than 250 industry partners amassing more than 300 service integrations, from point-of-sale to closing. The Open API framework also allows lenders to innovate and build proprietary integrations.


Flexibility, Efficiency, and Experience. These are the words that clients use to describe our products, services, and people. 

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Business Rules Engine

Customize and automate loan task creation, workflow and resolution

PriceMyLoan (PML)

PriceMyLoan (PML)

Automated underwriting, pricing, fee and margin management tool



Numerous automated integrations to ensure regulation compliance

Open API

Open API

The most comprehensive LOS API in the industry



Seamlessly share, edit, package & attach uploaded documents


250+ Vendor Partners

Easily integrate with vendor partners to efficiently scale your business

Automated Underwriting

Automated Underwriting

Integration with Fannie Mae's DU® and Freddie Mac's LPA®


Closing and Funding

Integrated with multiple closing documents & e-closing services.


"As long as we have the idea in our head and what we want to accomplish, we can translate it fairly quickly to modifications in LendingQB. I’m also a big fan of the reporting just because it’s very hard to scale if you don’t have the big picture. Reporting is set up so efficiently that I can run production, risk analysis and price analysis to get an overall look at our portfolio."

Jason Pugh, Sr. Vice President of Real Estate Lending, California Credit UnionSaving & Trust Credit Union

"This experience has shown us that getting credible and meaningful support from your LOS vendor can make all the difference."

Jim Howard, Chief Technology Officer, Open Mortgage

"Our process, our workflow - it's not on a piece of paper. It's not something that we could easily draw. LendingQB did just that. They showed us a workflow that is concise, predictable, and lean. It was impressive"

Michael Stalnaker, VP Business Process Management, Mountain West Financial Inc

"The conversion to LendingQB allowed Inlanta to offer a better experience to our customers by closing loans much faster. I don't know many companies that are able to roll out a new LOS reduce average application to closing times"

Chris Knowlton, Chief Information Officer, Inlanta Mortgage

“LendingQB’s LOS system is very intuitive. We are able to easily understand its features and processes, the system has proven itself to be a reliable ally in an industry that is rapidly changing. We rarely encounter moments in which the LOS isn’t able to function at its maximum capacity. LendingQB also makes continual enhancements which keeps our process optimal”

Wilson, iServe Residential Lending


The Integrations Approach

LendingQB has integrated with more than 250 vendors using a "best-of-breed" approach. We believe our clients should be able to select the vendors that work best for them, instead of vice versa. Our Open API framework allows us to build integrations with relative ease and a multi-tenant database architecture enables the instantaneous distribution of any integration to every single one of our users.

More than Just a Pricing Engine

LendingQB’s PriceMyLoan (PML) is not just a product pricing engine (PPE); it combines underwriting, product pricing, closing cost fee generator, and margin management into a single comprehensive tool. Experience the power of PML with an increasing pull-through rate, reduce cycle times, and fewer buybacks.

Proven Support

Support is an essential part of LendingQB, so much so that over 50% of our staff specializes in support and training. We provide a one-stop site for all of your support and training needs, including hundreds of Knowledge Base articles, live support, and support tickets. It acts as mission control for support staff and users.

Smooth implementation

LendingQB has created a proven method of implementation for every channel of lending. We present a working project plan to each of our new lenders at the beginning of the process which sets goals and assigns tasks to both LendingQB and your project team to make the implementation process as transparent and efficient as possible.


LendingQB is designed to be 'extendable'. Our OpenAPI not only integrates, but allows dynamic functions to be triggered using web service calls: pulling credit reports, running Total Decision Engine, uploading documents, generating disclosures, etc. This level of platform extendibility is crucial to a Digital Mortgage Lender's success.


LendingQB's web-based system and integrations approach allow this mortgage LOS to be scalable to all business sizes. Credit unions, banks, and independent mortgage lenders thrive in LendingQB's highly configurable mortgage lending environment.