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LendingQB is a SaaS-based mortgage loan origination system designed for mortgage lenders to originate loans from start to finish efficiently. As an end-to-end mortgage origination system, LendingQB is equipped with our Total Decision Engine that automates pricing and a powerful underwriting engine that improves productivity across many roles while safeguarding against compliance issues. 

The LendingQB mortgage loan origination software features an open API framework that allows data integration from a third-party system allowing configuration for a wide range of business processes.  


LendingQB®: Top Mortgage Loan Origination System

LendingQB® is a premiere mortgage loan origination system that provides a browser-based loan origination software as a service designed to optimize the origination process. Our proven web services are designed to strengthen our lenders' ability to deliver faster and compliant loans using our automation, technology, and dedicated support staff. Our comprehensive suite of tools (OpenAPI, Total Decision Engine, EDocs, web portals) allows for individual customization of the process while maintaining strict regulatory compliance. Our goal is to take the robust process of mortgage lending and train it into the fittest and fastest loan origination experience in the industry.

Modernizes the operations of your lending institution's using LendingQB's API integrations supported by more than 300 different vendors and services, allowing you to build a complete Digital Mortgage platform that meets your financial institution's unique needs.



Business Rules Engine

LendingQB’s built-in Business Rules Engine automates and regulates parts of the workflow. It is fully customizable based on each lender and the workflow they choose. This engine was built with efficiency in mind.


Total Decision Engine

The Total Decision Engine combines automated underwriting, product pricing, closing cost fee generator and margin management into a single comprehensive tool. Fully accessible via the open API. Including the ability to price mortgage insurance.



LendingQB’s numerous automated compliance integrations ensure lenders are confident in their lending practices. Automated red-flag reporting and hard-stops allow users to rest assured that loans won’t move forward without taking necessary precautions. We work closely with organizations to ensure that our data and system is up to date for the latest lending regulations.


Open API

LendingQB provides a data connector known as an Open API that enables virtually any 3rd party bi-directional, web service access to our database and a range of specific functionality. By far the most accessible and advanced LOS API in the industry.



Gather, share, edit and package documents uploaded into the LendingQB. Even attach Documents directly to conditions. EDocs is Open API accessible, seamlessly extending document capabilities to 3rd parties.


Automated Underwriting

LendingQB is integrated with Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter® and Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor® for automated underwriting, alongside LendingQB's custom automated underwriting engine, Total Decision Engine.


Secondary Marketing

LendingQB Secondary Marketing tools provide complete control over rate locks and pricing in addition to advanced features such as historical pricing and margin management.


Closing and Funding

LendingQB is integrated with multiple providers of closing documents and e-closing document services. Funding data is gathered throughout the process to ensure quick and easy generation of purchase advice.

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The Integrations Approach

LendingQB has integrated with more than 250 vendors using a "best-of-breed" approach. We believe our clients should be able to select the vendors that work best for them, instead of vice versa. Our Open API framework allows us to build integrations with relative ease and a multi-tenant database architecture enables instantaneous distribution of any integration to every single one of our users.

More than Just a Pricing Engine

LendingQB’s Total Decision Engine is deeply interwoven into every aspect of LendingQB’s loan origination system so that it can do more than just pricing. For example, the decision engine can parse credit for more accurate pricing and eligibility. The decision engine includes a Dynamic Fee Engine, which provides detailed closing cost estimation, and best execution mortgage insurance pricing which provides real-time MI pricing.

Proven Support

Support is an essential part of LendingQB, so much so that over 50% of our staff specializes in support and training. We provide a one-stop site for all of your support and training needs, including hundreds of Knowledge Base articles, live support, and support tickets. It acts as mission control for support staff and users.

Smooth implementation

LendingQB has created a proven method of implementation for every channel of lending. We present a working project plan to each of our new lenders at the beginning of the process which sets goals and assigns tasks to both LendingQB and your project team to make the implementation process as transparent and efficient as possible.


LendingQB is designed to be 'extendable'. Our OpenAPI not only integrates, but allows dynamic functions to be triggered using webservice calls: pulling credit reports, running Total Decision Engine, uploading documents, generating disclosures, etc. This level of platform extendability is crucial to a Digital Mortgage Lender's success.


LendingQB's web-based system and integrations approach allows this mortgage LOS to be scalable to all business sizes. Credit unions, banks, and independent mortgage lenders thrive in LendingQB's highly configurable mortgage lending environment.

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