MeridianLink Engage

Increase engagement and profitability through data-driven marketing insights

Drive Growth Through Personalized End-To-End Lending & Engagement Campaigns

Consumer expectations are changing as quickly as the technology they use. MeridianLink® Engage helps your financial institution keep pace with these rapid shifts to deliver on your consumers’ needs with a comprehensive marketing automation solution for consumer lending, account, and card services.

Create enhanced consumer profiles based on data analytics to help you deliver relevant offerings at just the right moment—driving additional revenue while deepening accountholder relationships. Plus, remove the need for IT data pulls, sorting, and manual reporting thanks to our cutting-edge decisioning and marketing engine capable of combining your data and third-party data for a better idea of each individual’s unique circumstances and qualifications.

MeridianLink Engage seamlessly integrates with the MeridianLink® One product suite—including MeridianLink® Consumer, Opening, Portal, and Insight—to foster a more efficient and intuitive consumer experience. Supercharge your portfolio growth with the ability to design, execute, and analyze pre-screened consumer lending campaigns at the click of a button.


Data-Driven Insights

Uncover unique growth opportunities for your institution.

Recommended Actions

Targeted marketing campaigns, including pre-screen consumer loans.

Predictive Outcomes

Real-time campaign impact tracking.

Seamless LOS Integration

Full integration with MeridianLink One product suite—including MeridianLink Consumer, Opening, and Portal.

Data Enhancement

Direct integration to core and payment processors, your data warehouse, three major credit bureaus, and MeridianLink Insight.

Customizable Campaigns

Tailor marketing campaigns to fit your unique goals and budget.

We started using Engage because the robust solution could get us through the noise of so much data and give us clarity on where to focus to maximize our returns. We’re blown away by the success of the campaign as we hit our breakeven threshold in just two months. We’re excited to see what we can tackle next.”

Leon Manning, First Vice President, Director of Marketing & Training, Bank First


Increase Revenue & Profitability

Data-driven technology with predictive modeling and software segments to help you deliver timely, targeted offerings to qualified consumers.

Optimize Your Resources

Remove the need for IT data pulls, sorting, & manual reporting while adding efficiency and an improved consumer experience with prescreen marketing campaigns, applications, LOS, and credit bureau integrations.

Improve Consumer Retention

Relevant communications and decreased noise strengthen consumer relationships and trust in your institution.

View Your Impact

MeridianLink Engage closes the loop on your marketing initiatives by showing you how each campaign impacts your bottom- and top-line in real-time.


3 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement and Build More Profitable Relationships at Your Financial Institution

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