MeridianLink Insight

The Power of Business Intelligence! MeridianLink Insight eliminates the need for expensive R&D,
exhaustive master data management exercises, and high-risk IT processes.


Take Your Financial Institution to the
Next Level with MeridianLink Insight

Take your business to the next level with MeridianLink Insight, formerly known as MLX Insight™, the most powerful business intelligence tool for users of the MeridianLink platforms. Designed with interactive visualizations and various filter dimensions, MeridianLink Insight enables financial institutions to make better and faster business decisions enabling revenue growth and the potentials of optimizing the customer experience.

This turnkey data intelligence solution provides intuitive dashboards, easy-to-read reports, and a powerful exploratory sandbox, presenting a comprehensive solution for the multi-level audience within your organization while providing insights for omni-channel execution.

The Need

We understand that launching data initiatives can be expensive, time consuming, and risky. And getting Loan Origination System data into existing market solutions is no exception. Plus, the time and resources on vendor due diligence of sensitive business data may cause hindrance to other key business initiatives. MeridianLink Insight eliminates the need for expensive R&D, exhaustive master data management exercises, and high-risk IT processes.

The Solution

MeridianLink Insight offers a superior solution for financial institutions looking to elevate their business through data intelligence. Its intuitive design and flexible reporting dimensions enable any user to analyze data, no programming skills needed, just impactful insight for the company. MeridianLink Insight leverages big data technologies to instantaneously retrieve and visualize data from MeridianLink platforms, providing faster updates and execution.

License Terms

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The Best Business Intelligence Experience

MeridianLink Insight’s dynamic interactive and analytical capabilities provide a seamless experience complementary to your existing MeridianLink products. Providing your users with the gateway to meaningful insights.

Intuitive Decision-Making

The suite of reporting and analysis tools gives users a robust yet flexible platform to achieve true data-driven decision making. MeridianLink Insight’s versatile data visualizations, design, and drill-through functionality allow you to quickly identify data elements custom fit to your users’ need.

Scale Flexibly and Securely

Experience all the features of MeridianLink Insight at your fingertip, anytime, anywhere. Avoid the data risk, resource cost, and time associated with building out an in-house solution.



Accelerated Speed to Market

Create your MeridianLink Insight dashboards in minutes, instead of days. Develop your go-to-market strategy with insights using your embedded analytics integration and beat your competition to the market.

Increase Revenue and Profitability

Identify, measure, and predict the success of differentiated program offerings that drives revenue and profitability. Find new business opportunities through data benchmarking and access to more robust data sets.

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Concentrate on building your business and its core products instead of constructing a BI solution from scratch. Trust MeridianLink Insight to provide industry-leading analytics and on-going innovations to ensure that you stay with a cutting-edge solution.


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