Modernize Your Bank’s Digital Lending & Account Opening Experience

MeridianLink offers innovative digital solutions for unparalleled lending automation and a superior customer experience.

Digital Excellence for Driving Efficient Growth

The intricacies of today’s financial market require banks to effectively balance economic conditions, market dynamics, regulatory changes, and customer expectations while continuing to manage day-to-day banking operations. To successfully navigate this environment, banks must continually adapt and innovate.

This calls for a forward-thinking approach and a trusted partner with innovative, strategic solutions.

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Reinvent the Way You Grow Deposits

Say goodbye to lost prospects and abandoned applications with a fast, frictionless user experience and intuitive cross-sell capabilities. Our fully digital, configurable solutions can help you streamline funding, deepen relationships, enhance security, and improve loan repayment.

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Transform Your Loan Portfolio for Sustainable Growth

Reduce strain on your staff so they can devote more time to high-priority commercial lending initiatives. Our suite of composable digital lending solutions offers advanced automations, customizable workflows, and robust analytics to optimize decision-making and foster growth.

Unlock Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings

Maximize digital applications, minimize human intervention, and optimize the end-to-end user experience. With data-powered, personalized experiences across the entire lending life cycle you can bridge operational silos, boost loan volume, improve deposit gathering, enhance efficiency, and foster stronger customer connections.

Stay Secure & Compliant Without Sacrificing Speed & Experience

Gone are the days of compromising between your bank’s compliance and customer satisfaction. Our 100% cloud-native solutions integrate with a robust marketplace of trusted fraud and risk mitigation partners, seamlessly blending robust security measures with user-friendly experiences to support your success in the digital age.

The Statistics Are Clear

Digitization is the future of banking. While manual lending processes are still common, banks are increasingly prioritizing technology investments to streamline workflows, better serve customers, and grow revenue. 


Manual Workflows

71% of lending processes remain manual(1)


Integration Obstacles

47% encounter interoperability challenges(1)


Digital Onboarding

55% are focusing on transforming account opening experiences(2)


Customer Data

57% prioritize using customer information for market share(2)


Tech Spending

56% intend to boost investment in technology(3)



56% of customers say personalized experiences encourage repeat business(4)

(1) Source: Finastra - (2) Source: CSI - (3) Source: American Banker - (4) Source: Twilio

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