Digital Lending for Banks Is No Longer Optional

MeridianLink offers banks a wide variety of software solutions to enhance the digital lending and account opening experiences

Not a Digital Bank? You Have Company. Among Banks Under $25b Assets:

Have online/mobile account opening for personal accounts
Have an online personal loan application
Can instantly approve an online personal loan application
Have online account opening for business customers
Have an online business loan application
Can instantly return any type of approval for a business loan application

True Competitive Advantage

Banking Digital Transformation Without Disruption​

MeridianLink® provides a full suite of digital solutions on a single integrated platform. Online account opening software for business and personal accounts. Loan origination software for business lending, personal lending, indirect lending, HELOC, credit card, mortgage lending, auto lending, powersports lending, and more—all with better security and fraud protection than most banks can do in-branch.

Integrated with your current core bank software, integrated with your highest touch online services. Proven ROI, delivered quickly without rebuilding everything you rely on today. 

Digital Lending

MeridianLink’s digital loan origination solutions cover the full spectrum of lending, automating, and streamlining every process for your bank and customers.

Here are just some of the features MeridianLink delivers for personal loans, business loans, HELOC, credit card, direct auto loans, indirect auto loans, and others:

  • Mobile-first application portal – apply on any device, any time
  • Easy, intuitive, and completely configurable applications
  • Automated form-fill from drivers license scan, core data, or web services
  • Any channel – mobile, online, in-branch, kiosk, direct or indirect
  • Automated underwriting – instant decisions, including pre-approval and conditional approval.
  • Automated cross-sell – qualify applicants for multiple loan products and instantly present offers
  • Automated fraud checks and ID verification
  • Automated Adverse Actions – paper or electronic notifications
  • Automated notifications via text or email, to applicants, co-applicants, bank staff, and dealers
  • Document upload – any docs, any device, automatically attached to the application and moved to core/document storage
  • Electronic documents and signatures – sign and close loans in-session

And many other critical digital lending functions…

Digital Deposit Account Opening

MeridianLink’s digital account origination provides banks a faster, more streamlined way to engage and onboard new business and personal deposit accounts.

Here are just some of the features MeridianLink delivers for checking accounts, CDs, savings accounts, HSAs, business checking, business savings, and more:

  • Mobile-first application portal – 24/7 point-of-sale
  • 3-5 minute application process
  • New or current customers – accessible from any browser and integrated with most home banking applications and switch kits
  • Business accounts – FinCEN compliant, dynamic workflow automatically processes multiple beneficial owners
  • Automated KYC, fraud checks, and identity verification
  • Flexible, instant decisioning – automated rule and workflow engine onboards accounts in-session
  • Automated cross-sell – instantly qualify applicants for multiple deposit and loan products, with a single application
  • Automated funding via ACH, PayPal, account transfer, more
  • Automated notifications via text or email, to applicants or bank staff
  • Document upload – any docs, any device, automatically attached to the application and moved to core/document storage
  • Automated onboarding to the core system, automated enrollment in home banking

And many other critical digital account opening functions…

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