"We like the fact that with Application Portal and our mobile application it is basically a one, two, three steps and you’re done consumer process for both loans and deposits. It simplified the process for the member."

Jeff Bergum, VP of Retail Services, Associated Credit Union

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  • Combination Application: Consumers can apply for both loan and deposit accounts using a single application.
  • Built-in Cross-sell Support: Post-submission logic allows for in-application cross-selling of additional products.
  • Universal Application: One portal can service all loans and deposit account types across consumer and commercial channels.
  • High-level Configuration: Control application themes and wording through a built-in editor.
  • Complete Integration: Full integration of online banking, core systems, deposit account opening and loan origination.
  • Mobile-first Design: Supported across all major browsers and device types.
  • Mobile-enabled Population: Quick data population from any major browser and device.

With Application Portal from MeridianLink, your financial institution, regardless of size, can easily expand existing lending and deposit account origination platforms to online consumers while ensuring control of the entire online application experience. From the ability to determine which loan and deposit account applications you want to make available online, to customizing the look and feel to match your existing web presence. Application Portal has hundreds more of configurations available to help tailor your online application process to meet your business objectives.

Since Application Portal integrates seamlessly with all-in-one platform LoansPQ/XpressAccounts, you can rest assured that all of your online applications route securely and reliably into your existing platform. Optimized for speed and efficiency, Application Portal provides a consistent and consumer-friendly experience across all popular browsers and devices. Application Portal leverages new browser-based auto-fill and driver’s license scanning solutions to simplify and expedite consumer application submissions.



Standard Features


100% web-based platform securely hosted by MeridianLink


24/7 online consumer access & administrative access


Support for multiple application types Home Equity (HELOC) Consumer (vehicle, personal, credit cards) Indirect (personal and credit card) Business (loans and deposit) Deposit (personal, minor, special)


Full integration with LoansPQ/XpressAccounts and select core systems (including underwriting, credit pulling and funding for deposit accounts)


Support for all major browsers and devices


Support for cross-selling within application


Web editor for customizing overall theme, text and field visibility (WYSIWYG)


Configurable custom business rules tied to each application type


Configurable custom questioning tied to each application type


Secure messaging and document exchange


In-session document signing


Address verification


Driver’s license scans for autofill


Filter products presented based on ZIP code

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Integration with Google Analytics


Integration with home banking portals to securely pre-fill new applications


Single form combination for new loan and deposit account origination applications


Integration with social media to securely pre-fill new applications


Additional Application Portal sites for targeting separate consumer audiences


Direct core system autobooking for new and existing account membership applications (subject to core)


Custom URL capability

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"Application Portal has been a game changer for us. It’s so easy, user-friendly and effective. Accepting online applications with our specific customizations and content has provided additional customer volume that is the equivalent of 2-3 additional branches."

Justin Bifro, Consumer Lending Administration Manager, First Financial Bank


Comprehensive, Yet Flexible

Scalable and expandable configuration allows flexibility to support online consumer application types and quantities from a single type to an entire lending portfolio.

Secure and Reliable

Security as a priority ensures a solution architecture that minimizes data collection and retention, while maximizing encryption.

Fast and Responsive

Leveraging new design principles, the application optimizes the online consumer experience so that it is quick and as easy as possible.

White-Label Design

Application Portal seamlessly meshes with existing web presence so that consumers are presented with a consistent format and styling throughout the application.

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