MeridianLink Portal

Secure, Fast, and Reliable Application Experience

A Consistent, Consumer-Friendly Experience
Across All Popular Browsers and Devices

  • Combination Application: Consumers can apply for both loan and deposit accounts using a single application.
  • Built-in Cross-sell Support: Post-submission logic allows for in-application cross-selling of additional products.
  • Universal Application: One portal can service all loans and deposit account types across consumer and commercial channels.
  • High-level Configuration: Control application themes and wording through a built-in editor.
  • Complete Integration: Full integration of online banking, core systems, deposit account opening, and loan origination.
  • Mobile-first Design: Supported across all major browsers and device types.
  • Mobile-enabled Population: Quick data population from any major browser and device.

MeridianLink® Portal helps financial institutions of all sizes easily expand existing lending and deposit account origination platforms to online consumers while maintaining full control of the entire digital application experience—from selecting which applications to make available online to customizing those applications to your brand’s look and feel.

And since MeridianLink Portal integrates seamlessly with the MeridianLink® One product suite, you can rest assured that all of your online applications route securely and reliably into your existing platform. Discover a consistent, user-friendly experience optimized for speed and efficiency across all popular browsers and devices.

MeridianLink Portal Product Overview


100% Web-Based

24/7 Access Online

Supported on All Popular Browsers & Devices

Cross-Selling Support

In-Session Document Signing

Driver’s License Scans for Autofill

Each financial institution is unique, and MeridianLink Portal allows the customization to meet those needs.”




Scalable and expandable configuration allows flexibility to support online consumer application types and quantities from a single type to an entire lending portfolio.

Secure, Fast, & Reliable

We make security a priority. Discover a solution that minimizes data collection and retention while maximizing encryption.

White-Label Design

MeridianLink Portal seamlessly meshes with your existing web presence for a consistent format and style throughout the application.


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