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Why Merchant Lending Is Good for Business

By MeridianLink | October 12, 2022
merchant lending, point of sale financing, consumer lending
Watch MeridianLink's on-demand webinar to learn about LoanStar’s five-step process for diversifying your portfolio by using a loan origination system (LOS)
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Tapping Into Marketing Intelligence to Optimize Borrower Experience

Learn how marketing automation technology can help lenders increase engagement and boost profits through data-driven marketing insights
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Going Mobile to Build Your Lending Portfolio

By MeridianLink | September 28, 2022
Learn why digital lending is a trend financial institutions can’t afford to ignore, and how to meet borrowers’ expectations for a better digital experience
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Protecting Borrowers From Delinquencies in a Changing Economy

Learn why it is important for financial institutions to implement tools so they can easily and efficiently manage the delinquencies coming in
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Behind the Ratings: Why Consumer Sentiment Toward Banking Needs Work [Content Roundup]

Read about 2021 banking ratings and discover insights to help financial institutions understand and meet consumer expectations
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National Hispanic Heritage Month & the Importance of Inclusion

Learn about the history of Hispanic Heritage Month and how we can make a lasting, positive impact in our communities
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Personalized Banking: What Consumers Want During Challenging Times

Learn why understanding what personalized banking is and why it matters is the first step to optimizing your data to better meet consumer expectations
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What Can Automation Do for You in the Mortgage Lending Process? A few more Key Benefits

See why working with automation in the mortgage lending process will help you close loans faster, detect fraud, and improve regulatory compliance
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2023 MeridianLink User Forum: Your ABCs for Planning

Learn about the 2023 MeridianLink User Forum (MLUF), taking place again live and in person at Disneyland
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