Posted by MeridianLink | April 23, 2024

Origination Innovation: The Latest Mortgage Lending Solutions From MeridianLink

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MeridianLink® recently conducted surveys among our customer financial institutions (FIs) as well as American consumers, and the results of each made one thing very clear: personalized, digital experiences are a must if FIs—including mortgage lenders—want to thrive in the modern economic landscape. 

Explore the latest advancements in mortgage lending at MeridianLink LIVE! 2024. We’ll be unpacking innovative solutions designed to enhance borrower experiences and drive business growth, helping you weather uncertain markets and bolster crucial relationships with confidence. Read on for a taste of what you can expect to learn at this year’s event. 

The MeridianLink® Mortgage team has been hard at work! Stop by this session to learn about the latest MeridianLink Mortgage LOS and OpenClose™ LOS enhancements, as well as recently launched features and solutions to help you maximize efficiencies and improve user experiences. Once we’ve shown you where we are, let us show you where we’re headed, too, with a look at the vision for MeridianLink Mortgage as we move forward. 

Discover the Keys to Greater Efficiencies 

Let’s take a look under the hood of MeridianLink Mortgage. Attend Leveraging Lender Innovation Features in Mortgage Lending to better understand how to implement tools such as automated workflows, configurable settings, and open APIs for a more streamlined experience–one that can even help you reduce the cost of mortgage origination! 

Additionally, hear from current MeridianLink Mortgage customers as they discuss how they extended the platform’s capabilities through customizations and automations tailored to their FI’s unique needs.  

From the latest tech to industry updates, expect to discover a wealth of mortgage insights at MeridianLink LIVE! 2024. We hope to see you in Nashville, TN, April 29 – May 2! 

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