Digital Banking That Drives Growth and Revenue

By Mark Gleason | Bank Practices Retail Banking community banks digital banking banks
Most people, even within financial institutions and financial technology vendors, think of “digital banking” as technology that enables bank customers manage their accounts online. What most are missing is that, done right, digital banking is the..
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15 Tips to Optimize Digital Lending and Account Opening for Financial Institutions

The digital evolution is forcing financial institutions toward innovation of products and channels..
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Who Should Be Responsible for Installing LOS Technology?

There is nothing scarier than making the decision to move to a new loan origination system (LOS)...
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How to Choose a Loan Origination System For Your Bank or Credit Union

The right technology can be make-or-break for your bank or credit union. This is especially true..
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Thank You. Please Come Again: Auto-Funding for Consumer Loans and Credit Cards

Picture yourself. It is 2:00 p.m. You have been slammed all morning with customer requests, staff..
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4 eClosing Must Haves for a Complete End-to-End Digital Mortgage Lending Process

Digital mortgage lending can be difficult to navigate and due to COVID-19, it has presented itself..
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The State of Loan Origination Software

Banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders must be backed with a robust loan origination system in..
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Mapping Out Your Digital Account Opening and Digital Lending Journey

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” —Yogi Berra Practically all..
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What Is the Projected Delinquency Rate and How Can FIs Prepare?

The landscape has changed dramatically for lenders in the past months. It is important for..
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