Customer Success Story

Transitioning to a Clean, Efficient, More Transparent Loan Origination System

How FlexPoint Mortgage Corportation Boosted Transparency, Simplicity, and Speed in Lending

Headquarters: Costa Mesa, CA

The Challenge

Reducing Bottlenecks and Streamlining Lending From A to Z

FlexPoint Mortgage Corporation (FlexPoint) is a group of mortgage professionals with years of experience in adapting and leading in the everchanging mortgage industry. With the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to fund loans as quickly as possible, FlexPoint’s goal is to simplify the home financing process while keeping clients informed and comfortable.

Pushing a mortgage file through the system from inception to completion with transparency throughout the process was no easy feat. The heavy lift often caused bottlenecks and complicated reporting. Without the right technology, automation, and implementation, the company faced clunky, time-consuming workflows that consumed a lot of resources.

The day-to-day ease of MeridianLink Mortgage makes our day-to-day jobs that much more fulfilling. There really is no comparison to MeridianLink Mortgage.

Toma N Ghiran

Systems Administrator, FlexPoint Federal Credit Union

The Solution

MeridianLink® Mortgage

FlexPoint Mortgage Corporation selected MeridianLink® Mortgage for its straightforward implementation and ability to automate and reduce time-consuming tasks. The headache-free integrations allowed FlexPoint to get up and running in under 30 days while dramatically reducing funding time.

Why FlexPoint Selected MeridianLink Mortgage

Fast, simple implementation with an open API that allowed FlexPoint to get up and running within one month

The ability to cut funding time by two weeks with minimal onboarding time for employees to get up to speed

More efficiencies at a fraction of the cost allowed the company to retain a competitive advantage without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars

The Results

Seamless, Fully-Integrated, Convenient Solution That Helps Loans Move Faster

With MeridianLink Mortgage, FlexPoint could fund loans quickly and seamlessly with maximum transparency. The easy implementation allowed FlexPoint to automate processes and eliminate the time it took for external reporting, reducing bottlenecks and making the entire process cleaner and more transparent.

FlexPoint leveraged MeridianLink Mortgage to make loan files move faster while easily integrating with already-established and new partners alike. Since everything could be done within the system, FlexPoint eliminated the need to toggle between systems while streamlining workflows. The open API and decisioning capabilities made the tool highly configurable and customizable to FlexPoint’s specific lending process requirements. That translated to completing more loans, faster, and with fewer people involved.

With a modern user interface, navigating the system was much easier for staff, and the easy-to-use call reports made filling out digital paperwork intuitive and simple compared to other options on the market.

FlexPoint Achieved Impressive Results with MeridianLink Mortgage