Customer Success Story

Faster, Automated, Loan Origination With MeridianLink One


Headquarters: Austin, TX
Branch locations: 20+
Members: 190,000
Managed Assets: $2 billion+

The Challenge

Six Different Loan Origination Platforms. One Big Headache.

Founded in 1949, A+ Federal Credit Union (A+FCU) has grown to be an award-winning credit union in the Central Texas region serving hundreds of thousands of members, offering mortgage loans, personal loans, and direct and indirect auto loans.

Until recently, A+FCU relied on six different platforms for its loan origination process, creating an inconsistent, often headache-inducing experience for staff and members alike. To eliminate these inconsistencies and operate more efficiently, A+FCU needed a new consumer and mortgage loan origination system (LOS) to consolidate its lending processes and create smoother member and employee experiences.

A+FCU decided to search for an all-in-one loan origination solution to facilitate institution-wide improvements through digital lending options, out-of-the-box integrations, automated decisioning, and interactive reporting.

We can be more agile in our business, we can solve problems quicker, we can go to market quicker with things that are impactful to our members. I’ve never seen a partner with that many solutions to meet such a wide variety of needs for a bank or credit union.

Amber Isaku

VP of Consumer Lending, A+ Federal Credit Union

The Solution

MeridianLink Digital Lending Platform

Although A+FCU examined other solutions in the market, the only option that met all its needs was the end-to-end MeridianLink® One Platform. A+FCU decided to digitally optimize their lending experience across all loan types and implement interactive data analytics and reporting by using MeridianLink® Consumer, MeridianLink® Mortgage, MeridianLink® Portal, MeridianLink® Consulting, and MeridianLink® Insight.

Why A+ Federal Credit Union Selected MeridianLink One

Decreased Turnaround Time: MeridianLink helped A+FCU consolidate its lending, streamline workflows, automate decisioning, and break down information silos- reducing underwriting turnaround time, and providing A+FCU with the tools to operate efficiently.

Advanced Reporting: Interactive data analytics supported A+FCU in assessing and improving loan production, and implementing intelligent cross-sell capabilities.

Streamlined Communication: The strong connection between digital solutions simplified the digital lending journey for A+FCU, their members and partners, by facilitating easier and consistent communication for all loan types.

The Results

Optimized Efficiency & Growth

Using the MeridianLink One platform and the data-driven, digital workflows implemented, A+FCU has been able to boost loan volume and create simpler, more straightforward staff and member experiences. Automated loan decisioning equipped A+FCU with the tools to say yes to loans quicker, through both direct and indirect channels.

With the support of MeridianLink, A+FCU was able to create a new indirect solar program. MeridianLink’s custom integration support made it possible for A+FCU to build out the program in a way that worked for the credit union and their new partner. The single loan origination platform created a consistent, end-to-end digital lending experience.

Using the cross-sell capabilities, A+FCU can efficiently notify members when they qualify for additional lending options based on their accounts and other relevant data. This simple process has helped A+FCU deepen relationships with existing members.

A+FCU is also implementing MeridianLink® Engage with plans to leverage the automated marketing campaigns to create personalized deposit offers for new and existing members.

A+ Federal Credit Union Achieved Impressive Results With MeridianLink One