Posted by MeridianLink | December 2, 2020

Take Your Digital Experience to a Whole New Level

In a recent webinar we hosted, Paul Forrest, VP of Sales Engineering and Brandon Sisola, Group Product Manager (both of MeridianLink) discussed how the Application Portal point-of-sale solution can help take your financial institution’s digital experience to a whole new level. In the summary outlined below we’ve provided their key takeaways, but we also highly recommend you view the webinar recording for the complete scoop.


MeridianLink’s Application Portal is the ultimate point-of-sale (POS) solution for banks and credit unions of all shapes and sizes. The following webinar summary will outline Application Portal’s features that will take your digital lending experience to the next level. The items below are a high-level summary of the Application Portal POS and we invite you to watch the full-length recording of this webinar to learn more in-depth information about each feature and functionality. Additionally, the webinar recording features a demo of the Application Portal product. Watch the webinar recording now.

Application Portal Base: Behavioral Features

The Application Portal POS is designed to be mobile-first responsive, ensuring that loan or account applications are easy to use on any size device. In addition to the excellent responsive design of the application it also has rapid response times on data entry and submission, ensuring that the sleek look and feel is accompanied by rapid speed. Most importantly, Application Portal is WCAG 2.0 compliant.

Application Portal Base: Key Functionality

Key functionalities that are included within Application Portal and are sure to enhance your digital lending experience are all centered around speed and ease of use. As soon as the applicant begins the process they have the opportunity to use their driver’s license to pre-fill their information to save time. Application Portal allows for uploading, sharing, and signing of documents electronically. Lastly, the POS will provide customized cross-sell opportunities to each application ensuring they are aware of all your financial institutions services.

Application Portal Base: Self Configuration Functionality

This functionality features an editor which allows your admin to modify field names, visibility, and requirements on the fly. This ensures that your applications are always up to date. You have the power to modify the theme and no longer have to rely on the vendor to make and publish changes. Application Portal gives you control of what products you want to make available digitally and allows you to sync business rules and custom questions with the LoansPQ loan origination system and XpressAccounts account origination system.

Application Portal Base: Applications Supported

Application Portal supports the following loan types:

  • Business Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Equity Loans / HELOCs
  • Mortgage Loans*
  • Personal Loans
  • Vehicle Loans
  • XpressAccounts: Business
  • XpressAccounts: Personal
  • XpressAccounts: Special 

*Available through Application Portal for Mortgage for LendingQB



Application Portal Optional Add-on Enhancement Packages

Every financial institution certainly has unique needs and requirements. Therefor, we have selected a handful of optional add-on packages. These options will help ensure every organization has the opportunity to configure the digital lending process to their specific needs. 

1. Digital Enhancement

This package allows for co-browsing video chat support to offer the best digital consumer experience to your members and customers.


2. Plus Package

This package includes application data analytics utilizing Google Tag Manager and MeridianLink’s analytics. Additionally, this package allows for home banking SSO integration to pre-fill applications. This add on also includes a combo application feature that allows applicants to apply for loan applications and membership/deposit applications simultaneously.


3. Automation Package

This is the ultimate time saving package. Through automation you are able to auto-book to your core system, LoansPQ, and XpressAccounts. Additionally, it allows for online banking registration to eliminate extra steps and save time. This package also allows for auto-funding of personal loans and auto-booking for credit cards in order to automate your processes, save time, and create a better digital consumer experience for your members and customers.

4. Additional Portals

Some larger organizations may require additional portals. This add on feature does just that, allows for the creation and management of additional portals.

5. Custom URL

This package allows for the renaming of the default Application Portal URL to create a clean and easily shareable digital lending and online account opening link for your members and customers.

2021 Key Enhancements

As the digital space is quickly evolving so is the Application Portal POS. We are excited to share with you our 2021 product enhancement roadmap. Let’s talk about the exciting MeridianLink innovations that will be released in 2021.

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