MeridianLink Consulting

Business Consulting and Analytics


Business intelligence and process optimization are key disciplines that all financial institutions need; however, most institutions do not have the resources to staff and maintain an in-house department. MeridianLink Consulting, formerly known as MLX Consulting™, fills this gap by offering affordable outsourced solutions that deliver the quality and expertise of an internal team at a fraction of the cost.


MeridianLink Consulting Analytics

Empowered Decisions

MeridianLink Consulting Analytics is an agile solution aimed at maximizing your financial institution’s credit portfolio performance through tailored services. MeridianLink Consulting Analytics covers every phase of the credit life cycle from origination to collections.

  • Custom Scorecards can increase auto decisioning and boost business. Scorecards can also lead to increased booking ratios and an improved experience for customers and members. Risk control, precision, and more effective pricing will lead to greater profitability.
  • Decisioning Optimization Projects, based on What-If simulation, can identify and eliminate inefficient and suboptimal rules that are redundant or don’t provide value for making the correct lending decision. Doing this is the best way to optimize auto-decisioning and minimize risk.  
  • Risk-based Pricing provides an optimized pricing framework based on data analytics and financial modeling to maximize the value of the product offering.

Outsourced Analytics Departments

MeridianLink Consulting’s Reveal Pro analytics program uses business intelligence to improve performance, policies and bottom lines. These engagements delve into lending strategies and portfolio performance. All of the analytics that you need for a fraction of the cost of just one analytics resource!

Solutions Include:

  • Advanced data analytics focusing on credit dynamics.
  • Credit management guidance based on decisioning models and simulations.
  • Model validation to ensure compliance and performance.
  • Discretionary hours for tailored analysis as needed.
  • Disparate impact analysis using a methodology compliant with CFPB and FDIC.
  • Loss-sales analysis for indirect lending.
  • Predictive analytics for cross-selling efforts, including periodic generation of a list of new borrowers.
  • Pricing optimization through risk-based pricing that also accounts for shifting market conditions.

MeridianLink Consulting Business Consulting

MeridianLink Consulting Business Consulting optimizes origination and collection workflow and systems for maximum efficiency regarding policies and procedures. Personalized consulting programs are based on continuous improvement approach to help you meet your goals and improve the quality and effectiveness of your institution’s initiatives.

Remote Services

  • Advisory Workshop offers regular consultations with a custom agenda to provide a fast and efficient option to discuss and resolve pain points within your loan origination system.
  • Admin Professional includes an outsourced system administrator for routine maintenance, customized support, configuration changes, and updates for products, pricing, and decisioning.

On-Site Services

  • Enhanced Implementation is aimed at mapping and analyzing the current origination process, challenges, and goals – for the best possible setup of MeridianLink solutions.
  • Process Tune-up offers three days of dedicated on-site support to discuss and uncover inefficiencies in your workflow and fix with an experienced MeridianLink Consulting team member.
  • Process Assessment is a comprehensive on-site assessment aimed at analyzing every aspect of the credit workflow and delivering quick wins to maximize process efficiency.


Financial Institutions of All Sizes Partner with MeridianLink Consulting
Analytics and Business Consulting to Leverage Our:

360-Degree Approach

From optimizing day-to-day operations to portfolio projections

Personal Trainers for Internal Staff

Including tailored recommendations based on advanced analytics and proven best practices

Innovative Services

Advanced technology such as machine learning algorithms, data analytics and reporting, simulations, and champion-challenger testing

Thought Leadership

Consistent publication of e-books examining topics such as industry trends, regulations and analytics

Operational Excellence

Optimize current credit processes to leverage MeridianLink systems to their fullest while minimizing the effort to migrate to our best-in-class solutions

Knowledge & Support

Our dedicated team of trusted experts has partnered with over 60 clients to solve their most complex business problems.