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XpressCollect collection software is the market's best collections software system utilized by many banks, credit unions, and lending institutions. Contact us to learn more about the XpressCollect collection software system. 

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XpressCollect Collection Software

Achieve your goals with XpressCollect®, our Saas-Based collection software, is the market’s best collections solution. XpressCollect, the latest addition to MeridianLink’s market-leading suite of products, has quickly been recognized as one of the most powerful and innovative collection software systems. With its robust and intuitive platform, XpressCollect maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs. The web-based platform provides unmatched benefits that start with a sleek user interface that delivers the ultimate user experience. XpressCollect not only replaces tedious workflows of the past with increased automation, sophisticated analytics and easy-to-use functionality, it also evolves with your financial institution’s operations and goals.





Custom Queues

See what you want to see. Slice and dice your queues so you see what matters.


Social Tracing

Use Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and other social networks to locate your customers or members.


Skip Tracing

Improve collection efficiency and productivity. Find hard-to-reach customers/members and avoid inaccurate, outdated information.


Workout Loans

By connecting with LoansPQ you can help customers/members refinance or approve a workout loan on the spot.


Custom Reporting

Our robust reporting engine is detailed and user-friendly. Visual data provides a big picture view and increases efficiency.


Core Activity Visibility

XpressCollect provides the power to simply click and instantly view information in your core system. By seeing all of the accounts a customer/ member has, you can see the entire relationship.



Seamlessly connect to payments, insurance, repossession, remarketing, documents and other important tools you use daily.


Payment Scan

XpressCollect receives real-time payment tracking to notify of payments within the last 24 hours, preventing perceptions of miscommunication with customers/members.


Application History

See all of the submitted applications for a better understanding of someone’s history. Look beyond just funded loans to see how they applied and their qualifications even before becoming a customer or member.



Because our solution is web-based, there’s no complicated software to install. There is never a need to download, upgrade or worry about being on the latest version. Sign-in, see what’s planned for your day in the tailored dashboard and start collecting. Our solution is specifically designed around the user experience, making it easy to use. Your team will need less training, which provides more time for contacting customers/members. That means more resources saved and more money recovered.


XpressCollect’s seamless integration with LoansPQ and XpressAccounts brings all three operations together to empower clients with real-time data to achieve greater success. This integration ensures every aspect of these operations is conducted with transparency and efficiency. XpressCollect’s powerful engine enables your financial institution to see all submitted applications, including the ones that were never funded. This feature provides true visibility of customer or member history by clicking on the applicant’s current accounts in your core system. Seeing every account and application simultaneously better positions your financial institution to help your customers or members and your collection specialists.