AchievEngine’s reuse capabilities help you maintain decision consistency and control by allowing you to share the same scorecard across multiple strategies and by using the same strategy in different front-end and back-end systems.

Highly Configurable Business Processing

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MeriadianLink’s Business Rules Engine to Automate and Standardize Decision Process

AchievEngine is a complete decision management system that enables your organization to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and profits, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures. And, it puts a business person in the driver’s seat, not IT.

In a single tool, AchievEngine integrates the strategy design, execution and monitoring elements required for managing all credit decision processes in a complete, effective and timely manner. From credit underwriting to ongoing credit line management and marketing campaigns to collection strategies, AchievEngine covers all aspects of your decision management.




Make the Right Decisions

From the acquisition of new customers and customer portfolio management to marketing campaigns and debt collection, AchievEngine helps you makethe right decisions in many areas of your business.


Control Your Strategies

AchievEngine streamlines all of your processes related to the design, implementation and monitoring of your business strategies. It manages complex decision processes which are defined by an intuitive, user-friendly designer application that displays the strategy in a straightforward, graphical flowchart.


Transform Data into Competitive Advantages

AchievEngine allows you to easily manage your strategies by giving you the flexibility to design, verify and monitor strategies and define new scoring models, business rules and actions without the assistance of IT personnel. And, it allows you to achieve consistent decisioning at all stages of the customer lifecycle and in all areas of your business.

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Enterprise Decisioning Platform

One installation for all the decision-making strategies of the whole organization (origination, account management, collection and marketing)

Centralized and Standardized Decisioning

The same customer will be evaluated the same way in all the branches of the organization

Complete Internal Business Ownership

User-friendly designer for internal business users to take full ownership


Quick deploy for new/amended strategies to react to changes in the economic conditions or get new marketing opportunities

Quick and Easy Integration with Existing System

Origination, account management, collection system

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