MeridianLink Opening
Online Account Opening System

Comprehensive Online Account Opening Software for Banks & Credit Unions



Industry Trusted Online Account Opening Software

MeridianLink Opening, formerly known as XpressAccounts®, is online account opening software that unifies deposit account opening and funding for all channels and product types.

With robust functionality ranging from identity verification, OFAC checks, e-signature, switch kits, and core system connectivity, MeridianLink Opening saves operational costs and increases customer/member satisfaction from application initiation to account creation. Seamless integration with MeridianLink Consumer and MeridianLink Portal allows for deepening member and customer relationships through a mobile-first digital experience and cross-selling capabilities.


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Single Account Origination Platform

All channels consolidated into a single system to improve UX

Full Deposit Account Suite

Supports all deposit products your institution offers

Robust Core System Integration

Integrates with more than 25 core systems to simplify process

Dynamic Workflow

Configure the system to reduce manual work by setting up automation

Flexible Decisioning

Flexibility to improve decisioning & ensure applicant quality

Powerful Configurability

Tailor the application experience to your workflow and product



Increased Consumer Satisfaction

Ensure applications are finished by providing instant decisions on deposit accounts. Empower applicants to apply, e-sign documents, and automatically create core system membership records within minutes.

Reduce Churn

Leverage verification products and services to drastically reduce the number of fraudulent applications approved to join your customer bases or membership, improving your bottom line and allowing more attention to be dedicated to your quality base.

Increased Revenue

MeridianLink Opening can integrate with the MeridianLink Consumer loan origination system in order to deepen relationships with existing customers or members through cross-selling and integration with core data.


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