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End-to-End Digital Loan Processing

Quickly and efficiently improve your team and consumer experience
without disrupting your business or sacrificing profits.

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MeridianLink sets the standard for the next generation of digital lending software by offering solutions for all your loan processing needs. Our SaaS cloud-based products provide credit unions, community banks, mortgage lenders, and other financial institutions a stress-free loan origination process, so they can focus on providing a superior consumer experience. Connect our time-tested, industry-trusted consumer and mortgage digital lending and account opening solutions plus credit data, and experience the evolution of lending automation, cross-selling, and loan optimization to accelerate growth and ROI.

Fully Automate The Digital Mortgage Experience

MeridianLink Mortgage®, is a complete loan origination software system that provides the flexibility mortgage lenders require to efficiently close loans and scale their business. The cloud-based platform featuring a built-in price engine, seamless third-party integrations via Open API, and best-in-class client support enable mortgage lenders to launch their services 100% digitally; meeting clients where they want to do business.


Our Clients Experience:

A Reliable Ally

"We are able to easily understand its features and processes"

30 Short Days
For Full Implementation

Up-and-running quickly!

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The Leading Consumer Loan Processing Platform

MeridianLink Consumer® is an end-to-end digital loan origination solution that supports direct, indirect, credit card, personal, HELOC, and business loan types. From the point-of-sale through to the e-closing capabilities, the dynamic workflows and cross-selling functionality accelerate efficiency gains and drive continuous growth.


Our Customers’ Experience:

Big Growth
Experienced 69% Increase in Loan Applications

From 2,500 to 3,600

Workflow Ecosystem
Easy-to-use Solution for Staff & Customers

"...instrumental in growing our business."

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Integrate Consumer and Mortgage Loan Origination

Integrate your Consumer and Mortgage Loan Origination systems to increase efficiencies and improve the overall buyer and loan officer experience.

Some enhanced features of our integrated system include:

Single Sign-on

Between Consumer and Mortgage LOS

Smart Cross-Sell

Auto Consumer Cross-sell from Mortgage LOS

Flexible Account Opening

Open deposit accounts from Consumer and Mortgage LOS

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We Offer More Than Just the Typical Support Services

Think of Our Team As A Part Of Yours

If you would like help getting started, our team of seasoned experts would be happy to sit with you to document your business goals and needs to determine the right way to set up workflows and processes.

Using analytics, scorecards, and rules analysis, our MeridianLink Consulting team will guide you every step of the way.

Implementing new digital lending and deposit account opening products can seem like a daunting task. But with our flexible implementation options, you can cast aside any worries you might have, we’ve got you covered!

After implementation you’ll have access to a Detailed Digital Knowledge Base, Live Chat, Email and Phone, access to our Support Team, and Dedicated Partner Success Managers — All committed to your success!

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