A True Digital Lending Experience

Today the consumers have more options when looking for a loan. They are using their mobile devices more as it is enabling them to hold the internet in the palm of their hand. They are browsing, looking for the best and most suitable loan product.

To be successful in today's digital lending marketing, financial institutions must cope and develop a winning strategy matched with reliable digital lending systems to pull them in and provide end-to-end digital lending fulfillment.

The emergence of alternative lenders, new online lenders, and other disruptors have banks and credit unions of all sizes across the country competing to improve their operations and digital presence.

Despite their best efforts, some financial institutions are selling themselves short. While consumer-facing enhancements are always significant, maximizing market share and profitability also lies in delivering high levels of mobile freedom and automation during the back-end process of the customer journey.

And this is where MeridianLink's digital lending solutions come very useful for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Reliable & Modern Digital Lending Platform

MeridianLink offers a suite of digital lending products and services that enable banks and credit unions to be more competitive in today's digital lending market.

MeridianLink Portal is leading digital lending software configurable to any bank, credit union, or financial institution unique requirement and system. It can quickly expand existing loan and deposit account origination platforms to online consumers while ensuring control of the entire online application experience.

Below are some highlights of Application Portal Digital Lending Software:

  • Combination Application
  • Built-In Cross-Sell Support
  • Universal Application
  • High-Level Configuration
  • Complete Integration
  • Mobile-First Design
  • Mobile-Enabled Population
  • Top-Rated Digital Lending Software

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"We like the fact that with Application Portal and our mobile application it is basically a one, two, three steps and you’re done consumer process for both loans and deposits. It simplified the process for the member."

Jeff Bergum, VP of Retail Services, Associated Credit Union