Credit Report Tools for Credit Vendors

Stay ahead of the competition with MeridianLink's powerful web-based credit reporting software and tools designed especially for credit vendors.



The power to provide accurate credit reports in less than 10 seconds.

Stay ahead of the competition with our powerful web-based credit reporting tools designed especially for credit vendors. MeridianLink's reporting solution enables you to provide fast, accurate credit reports to your consumers on any web-enabled device at any time. Easily integrate with credit decisioning software and get up and running within days.

Designed to fit operations of any scope, our mortgage fulfillment hub and data verification tools offer premier functionality with flexible configurability to fit your immediate needs and growth initiatives.



Web-based Fulfillment Hub

Mortgage Credit Link is the most versatile, stable and powerful web-based fulfillment hub for consumer data verification. Learn more.


Mortgage Data Verification

Service your customers and make smarter business decisions by retrieving credit data in XML format via the web, 24/7. Learn more.



Tri-merge Reporting

Our powerful web-based tools pull data directly from all three major credit bureaus and merge it into a single, easy-to-read report.


Robust Protection

Multiple layers of software, hardware and human protections to defend against fraud, competitive espionage and litigation.


Responsive Support

Speak with our attentive client support team or use our chat tools for online support to address your needs at any time.


Seamless Integration

Fulfillment and data verification tools seamlessly integrate to ensure rapid turn around times with no drop-off in quality across processes.


Compliance Assistance

As regulatory developments unfold, our solutions are continuously updated to enable full compliance at any time.

"Our biggest advantage is the ability to stay on top of current industry trends and compliance policies, which is all thanks to our partnership with MeridianLink. Mortgage Credit Link allows us and our end-users to have the best user experience in the credit reporting industry – period."

Travis Fawcett, VP of Operations, Premium Credit Bureau


Make Smarter Decisions

Pull and parse accurate data within seconds to get a clearer picture of how to better satisfy your customers' needs.

Customize Your Branding

Use your company’s logo, colors and other identity elements to ensure the credit solutions you offer your customers are consistent across the board.

Lower Costs

Stay ahead of competitors by leveraging our technology expertise to reduce IT costs and streamline operations.

Add Flexibility

Streamline or configure our solutions to varying levels of granularity. The user-friendly interfaces make customization easy.