We are One MeridianLink

Connecting You to Better

Better. We all strive for it every day. We want to live it.

At MeridianLink, we work diligently each day to connect you and your customers to better. Better ways to be efficient and streamline experiences so your customers can live better lives. It’s no wonder we are the leading provider of enterprise business solutions for financial service organizations.

Our passion for excellence is reflected in our web-based credit reporting, lending and new account opening and deposit technologies. All of our products have a solid reputation of being cutting edge, reliable and affordable.


At MeridianLink, our technology is core to what we offer, but our true success comes from our people. This is because our people SHINE at work. They are always striving to deliver the best solutions and service in the industry. Our core values represent all the good things our employees


Make each day your masterpiece


Enrich people and the communities in which they live


Embrace change and challenge the status quo


Enable colleagues to become the best versions of themselves


Make a positive impact

Our Core Values


To transform financial services technology for the better.


We democratize financial services technology and data so our clients can focus on what’s truly important: their employees, customers and communities.

What Sets Us Apart

Leading Technology

Consumer demand drives the need for advanced technology, which can never arrive soon enough. We aim to close that gap as much as possible by using technology consultants and industry observers consistently recognized as progressive minds to help our clients maintain an edge.

Research & Development

The only way to become a leader is to know who you serve and how their needs evolve. Research and development is critical to understanding how to cultivate our solutions in ways that address existing needs and have the flexibility to adapt as those needs shift.

Rigorous Security Tactics

Security and reliability are top priorities, so we consistently exceed industry safeguards such as N+1 redundancy infrastructure. Our systems are continuously monitored by people and machines to stay ahead of potential breaches and mitigate the risk of fraud or sabotage.

Lower Operations Costs

With no software to install, no special hardware to maintain and our reasonable and transparent pricing structure, you can reduce your operations costs and ensure no surprise fees.

Seamless Integration

We designed our solutions to quickly and easily integrate with your existing core systems. Our web-based tools require minimal training by your existing staff so your switch is smooth and error-free.

Robust Protection

We are experts in data security. Every aspect of our system protects data during transfer and storage and ensures that you and your customers are shielded from fraud, litigation and other liabilities.

Contact Us

Costa Mesa, CA (Headquarters)

1600 Sunflower Avenue 
Suite 200
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
T: 888.593.8970

Atlanta, GA

280 Interstate North Circle
Suite 430
Atlanta, GA 30339
T: 770.952.4940

Baton Rouge, LA

2431 Acadian Thruway
Suite 300
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
T: 225.490.2777

Oregon City, OR

1001 Molalla Avenue 
Suite 212
Oregon City, OR 97045