Posted by MeridianLink | February 26, 2024

Tuning in to the Rhythm of Your Loan Origination System: Volume 1

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As the vibrant sounds of Nashville, TN, set the stage for this year’s MeridianLink LIVE! forum we’ve harnessed the inspiration for a unique perspective on lending experiences. In this first blog, we’re turning up the volume on your loan origination system (LOS) to navigate the highs and lows for your borrowers and staff—all framed by the lyrical narratives of Nashville’s legends Dolly Parton and Lee Ann Womack.  

Transcend the Traditional ‘9 to 5’ Boundaries: 

Dolly Parton’s timeless anthem reverberates with the challenges of the daily grind, a scenario all too familiar when navigating the intricacies of lending. Is your team drowning in paperwork, tangled in manual processes, and burdened by redundancies? If you nodded along in agreement to any of those scenarios, it’s time to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your LOS. 

Consider the transformative power of automation in reshaping the daily tune of lending operations. From a staff perspective, automation alleviates the burden of repetitive tasks, liberating valuable time and mental bandwidth. Instead of wrestling with paperwork and manual processes, your team can redirect their efforts toward what truly matters—serving your consumers with dedication and finesse. On the consumer front, automated processes ensure quicker turnaround times, reducing wait times for loan approvals and enhancing the overall borrower experience. This seamless interaction not only delights consumers but also positions your institution as a forward-thinking and customer-centric financial partner. 

This is your call to break free from the routine, pour yourself a cup of ambition, and explore the liberating benefits that automation can bring to your lending practices.  

Dance to the Tune of Streamlined Loan Processes:  

Much like how Lee Ann Womack’s hit “I Hope You Dance” captures the essence of embracing life’s journey, the user-friendly, intuitive interactions facilitated by your LOS should elevate the experience for borrowers, loan officers, and processors—transforming what could have been a stumble into intentional and harmonious engagement as part of their personal financial story.  

The Financial Brand spotlights some compelling insight: 58% of surveyed financial institutions are focusing on improving digital experiences for consumers in 2024, including a significant surge in the prioritization of data and analytics capabilities. This reflects a keen recognition that in the current landscape, personalized emotional connections and streamlined interactions wield a greater influence on consumer lifetime value than traditional factors such as rates or fees—creating a borrower experience that resonates beyond mere transactions.   

In contemplating these crucial priorities, a pressing question emerges—how do these institutions plan to navigate this digital transformation? Insights from the latest MeridianLink® customer survey unveil a pivotal strategy taking center stage—the adoption of omnichannel banking experiences—a strategic initiative that aims to systematically break down barriers between channels and enable consumers to seamlessly transition with a consistent and personalized journey.  

Cultivating ‘I Will Always Love You’ Banking Moments: 

Are your consumers serenaded with delight when they think of your institution? Dolly Parton’s heartfelt ballad encapsulates the ultimate goal for any financial institution—to be the enduring source of love and trust for its consumers. A well-implemented LOS can orchestrate an experience that makes borrowers cherish the relationship they have with your institution. However, an outdated system may introduce a silent attrition of consumers seeking modern and convenient digital services that resonate with contemporary expectations. 

The Financial Brand echoes the long road ahead when it comes to the state of transformation across banking, with 53% of banks still developing or in the very early stages of digital transformation progress, while 38% believe they are at the mid-point of progress. This landscape emphasizes that, despite the universal understanding of the need for digital transformation, many banking institutions are still in the relatively early stages of comprehensive change.  

Just as Dolly’s ballad speaks to eternal love, this journey calls for a sustained commitment to enhancing consumer experiences, ensuring that your institution is always the one they love and remember. Start yours here.  

Record Your Own Chart-Topping Success  

If you aspire to create a lasting bond that resonates with your consumers, then MeridianLink® LIVE! is the place to be. Join us in Nashville this Spring to discover innovative solutions and insights that will not only keep your institution in tune with the times but also have your consumers singing your praises for years to come. 

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