Posted by MeridianLink | January 25, 2023

MeridianLink Introduces New Business Lending Solution


In April of 2022, MeridianLink® completed its acquisition of StreetShares®, a mission-driven financial technology company providing digital business lending solutions to banks and credit unions. The acquisition enables MeridianLink to expand and enhance our business lending capabilities.

Today, we announce the availability of MeridianLink® Business, originally launched as Atlas Platform®. MeridianLink Business enables financial institutions to affordably make business loans with a fully digital, omni channel experience.

The ongoing transition to digital channels has created opportunities for financial institutions to serve more business customers, expand market share, and increase revenue at a lower cost. Financial institutions that embark on this strategy to leverage innovation in analytics and data-driven decision-making can gain a decisive competitive advantage.

According to Richard Olson, SVP of Envision Bank, “Everything is online, easily stood-up, and intuitive. The flows make sense and are completely logical for the bank customer and banker. That just makes everyone’s job easier and experience better.”

How It Works

MeridianLink Business is a complete end-to-end digital business lending solution. The platform runs on proprietary algorithms that assist with guarantor and business risk analysis to help underwriters reach a decision quickly. The technology also offers a variety of flexible loan closing options as well as an automated and manual upload process for boarding.


MeridianLink Business delivers powerful business lending for banks and credit unions so they can optimize business lending processes, digitally engage borrowers, and leverage advanced technology for smart decisioning. The platform is:

Fully Digital

From initial interaction with business owners to closing, everything is digital and customized. 

Designed for Smart Decisioning

With years of experience underwriting hundreds of data points on business borrowers, MeridianLink Business leads the way in mitigating risk.

Rapidly Enabled

Cloud-based, so organizations can be up and running quickly. 

Transform Business Lending

See how banks and credit unions can use MeridianLink Business to transform business lending and gain a competitive edge by offering a full suite of digital, white-labeled business lending solutions to their business customers and members.


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