Posted by MeridianLink | June 3, 2022

MeridianLink Announces New Product Administrator Certification Program

New certification program enables system administrators to demonstrate software expertise and the ability to accelerate organizational digital transformation

To assist financial institutions with their digital transformation efforts and help system administrators better leverage our platforms, we have launched a new Product Administrator Certification Program for our MeridianLink Consumer loan origination system (LOS) and MeridianLink Opening online account opening system.

The Product Administrator Certification Program aims to develop system administrators’ proficiency in MeridianLink software functions and optimizations. To achieve this certification, participants must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of system processes in a two-part exam. In preparation for this exam, participants will complete prerequisite work within the Module Essentials walkthroughs, system setup & maintenance guides, and other related e-learning resources. Prep webinars will also be available to aid in content mastery.

“MeridianLink software is feature-rich and highly configurable, allowing financial institutions to better serve consumers, and this certification program enables skilled system administrators who are proficient with our products to be recognized within their organization and the financial industry as a whole,” said Chris Maloof, chief product officer at MeridianLink. “In addition, it is an excellent way for employers to invest in the professional development of system administrators, which can lead to improved retention rates, while also saving time and improving processes so their organizations can grow at faster rates.”  

The certification program connects system administrators with a community of certified peers who possess extensive system knowledge, as well as a shared dedication and motivation to support their financial institutions through technical competency. Certified administrators are better equipped to optimize the use of financial software and increase the efficiency of their organization’s workflows.

To learn more about the Product Administrator Certification Program, pricing, and availability, or to enroll in one or both product certifications, visit

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