Posted by MeridianLink | November 15, 2022

Announcing a New Partner Integration With HappyOrNot By DoublePort

MeridianLink is proud to announce a new partner integration with DoublePort representing HappyOrNot®, a global provider of analytics software for collecting instant customer feedback to help companies evaluate and improve the customer experience.

How to Leverage This Integration

If your financial institution uses MeridianLink® Consumer, you can leverage this integration to:

  • Collect “in-the-moment” feedback during onboarding and completion of consumer loan applications.
  • Improve loan application success rates by better understanding how to meet and exceed consumer expectations.
  • Increase revenue by decreasing consumer acquisition costs.

By integrating HappyOrNot’s Smiley Digital™ survey into MeridianLink’s onboarding and consumer loan application portals, financial institutions can gain insights from applicants in near real time to help reduce friction in the digital lending process. This matters because friction can cause delays and harm a financial institution’s reputation with consumers.

Research by Bain & Company found that nearly half of consumers took their business elsewhere because they encountered friction in their own financial institution’s digital account opening and lending processes.

Better Feedback for a Better Customer Experience

During traditional in-branch or telephone loan applications, staff can help facilitate completion. For example, when loan applicants don’t know their exact monthly salary, staff can reframe the question (e.g., “What’s your approximate weekly salary?”) to help satisfy this data requirement. 

But when loan applicants have questions while applying digitally, they might suspend or abandon their application entirely.

Many financial institutions attempt to learn more about the experience of digital loan applicants by following up with email surveys, which often get low response rates, or with outbound phone calls, which aren’t time efficient or cost effective.

Empowering digital loan applicants to voice their experiences within the MeridianLink platform dramatically improves the quality and quantity of customer feedback, which financial institutions can use to quickly improve their digital loan processes.

Learn More About This Integration

To learn more about using HappyOrNot by DoublePort together with MeridianLink, email the HappyOrNot team at

Visit the MeridianLink Partner Marketplace to learn more about DoublePort and our 500+ integration partners whose solutions span the digital lending experience.

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