State of Loan Origination System

The state of lending is constantly evolving, with competitive interest rates throughout the industry and new compliance regulations consistently on the horizon, lenders no matter their size must learn to pivot and adapt. Those who understand their members’ and customers’ needs of easily accessible banking are the clear winners and those who are resistant to adapt will be overlooked for more optimal solutions.

Running a successful lending operation is not an easy task, as there are many moving parts and nothing can be overlooked. The key to a well-oiled lending machine lies within the loan origination system (LOS). Investing in a best-in-class loan origination system will give you the assurance of consistency in processes and daily task management. So you can focus on investing in your team and new and unique ways to provide value to your members and customers.

No matter the financial institution—whether it's a bank, credit union, or mortgage lender— reliable loan origination software is a requirement for continuous lending growth and organizational success. Branch staff should not be bothered with tedious manual work that can often result in mistakes and negative consumer experience. Instead, lending teams should be focused on providing members and customers a stress-free lending experience.


And this is where MeridianLink steps in, we partner with financial institutions and provide them a superior digital lending system including loan and mortgage loan origination software solutions.

Best Loan Origination Software 

MeridianLink provides banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage lenders loan origination technology to streamline back end processes, reduce manual work, and increase productivity. Our SaaS-based loan origination systems provide financial institutions a stress-free loan origination process, so they can focus on providing a superior consumer experience. 

MeridianLink Consumer - Consumer Loan Origination System  

  • Single origination platform
  • Full loan product suite support
  • Dynamic workflow
  • Cross-sell and opportunity engine
  • Scalability through configurability
  • Robust core system integrations
  • Expansive integrations

MeridianLink Mortgage - Mortgage Loan Origination Software 

  • Open API connected to 250+ integrations
  • Application, the originator and third-party originator portal
  • Natively built eDoc system
  • Strict compliance built-in with hard stops
  • Workflow configurability
  • A single system of record across the loan lifecycle
  • Total decision engine, more than just a pricing engine

"We like the fact that with Application Portal and our mobile application it is basically a one, two, three steps and you’re done consumer process for both loans and deposits. It simplified the process for the member."

Jeff Bergum, VP of Retail Services, Associated Credit Union