Posted by MeridianLink | July 24, 2023

Celebrating Self-Care 24/7


The 24th of July marks International Self-Care Day, a small reminder that self-care is 24/7. 

At MeridianLink®, we highly encourage our teams to practice self-care and pursue habits conducive to a healthy mind and body, which can include activities from a daily exercise routine to a face mask and a good book. In fact, that’s the beauty of self-care: it can be so many different things and change from day to day depending on what you need mentally and physically! 

 So, how do you practice self-care? Need some ideas? Our Great Minds Don’t Think Alike Employee Resource Group (ERG), one of several ERGs dedicated to providing a space in which members can discuss common interests and experiences, has a few tips to share if you need some inspiration: 

  • I give myself permission to work in my own way. I have a small pile of fidget toys and doodads on my desk because I cannot think as well if I don’t have something in my hands. The fidgets in and of themselves are self-care, but even more than that, they’ve helped me recognize that I spent many years trying not to need things like fidget toys and just forcing myself to sit and do one thing at once. It’s important that I remember to cut myself some slack and not feel like I’m any kind of failure for needing something slightly unusual to help me focus. 

  • I absolutely must move my body for my mental health. So, when the week gets hectic, I work out on my lunch—even if it’s just a walk, it is a number one priority for me. To be honest, it benefits everyone around me because I am much more grounded after! 

  • I am trying to incorporate something new for me: the ‘Solo Date.’ An intentional day maybe once a month where I do whatever the heck I want—alone. Visit a new bookstore I’ve been meaning to check out, get lunch with myself and a good book, really just find ways to spend some time with myself and my thoughts. 

  • Journaling or writing about things I am grateful for. 

  • I’ve been learning a new language and taking up painting. It’s been a great way to keep my mind active and build my creativity, especially considering that before, I would just spend that time watching TV or scrolling on my phone (though some days a few minutes of mindless scrolling is a welcome brain break).  

Take a moment and do something for yourself today—and every day! 

Want to be a part of a team that prioritizes self-care and healthy habits? Check out our open positions. 

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