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Services: Achieve Analytics


Do your practices match your policies?

Are your policies yielding results that match your expectations? How do you know if your expectations align with microeconomic and macroeconomic markets as they evolve?

The answers lie in the data, including both internal and external sources. But what if your institution can't afford its own in-house analytics department? MeridianLink's Achieve Analytics solutions help financial institutions of any size with affordable solutions to leverage quantitative data to find answers to these questions as well as gain a deeper understanding of how to maximize potential.

Our solutions include building and implementing custom scorecards, score validation, fraud detection and prevention, stress testing, risk-based pricing, loan pool valuation, prepayment models and peer/market analysis. Achieve also uses data analytics to assist with compliance efforts such as disparate impact analysis and meeting the current expected credit loss (CECL) methodology. 


Manage Risk

Achieve helps financial institutions evaluate consumers by leveraging advanced analytics. Some institutions take too many risks while others are too conservative. Achieve helps them find the right balance.

Increase Automation

Automation is the key to efficiency and profitability. Achieve helps financial institutions of any size optimize rules and settings for their decisioning paths to create the best possible scenarios for success.

Improve Pricing

Our solutions help institutions better identify proper pricing based on a number of factors including a borrower's credit risk. By utilizing better evaluation methods, our clients maximize value generation opportunities.

Integrate Seamlessly

Achieve's analytics solutions can be fully and seamlessly integrated with MeridianLink technology, eliminating the chances of wasting time and resources with third-party vendors and connectors. 


Coverage of the Entire Credit Life Cycle

Achieve builds solutions that cover the entire credit life cycle. This coverage includes segments such as marketing, underwriting, and behavioral and collections models. We can even optimize your cross-selling activities through specific tailored solutions.

Unmatched Experience

Achieve relies on decades of applied analytics experience. Members of our team have not only mastered ways to identify, segment and prioritize risk, they use an in-depth knowledge of loan origination system decision functionality.

Advanced Techniques

MeridianLink Achieve's relentless research and development practices help keep us on top of the latest trends and most advanced methods used to leverage analytics and provide the best possible solutions that fit your needs.

Custom Solutions

We build custom solutions for specific needs. Rather than applying the same solutions to every client, we provide a true partnership that requires a deep understanding of your goals and operations before recommending ways to best leverage models and data.

Industry-wide Best Practices

With more than 1,200 financial institutions served by Achieve Analytics solutions, we have extensive knowledge of how to avoid the challenges that plague so many other financial institutions. We also know the best ways to streamline operations without oversimplifying the approach.

Extensive Collaboration

Achieve uses a collaborative approach to build the right solution. We partner with you from the beginning of the project, disclosing all of the relevant information and producing extensive documentation without any additional burden to your institution.



Achieve Capabilities

Take a look at the most frequently asked analytics questions our Achieve team receives regarding lending and credit processing. The answers provided are applicable for institutions of any size.


Fraud Detection & Prevention

We start by defining fraud. After which we review the characteristics of a solid fraud score, provide a short overview of the different analytics techniques used to detect and prevent fraud and explain how fraud models can substantially lower the related risk and improve the overall efficiency.


Decisioning Optimization Through a Custom Scorecard

Explore how MeridianLink Achieve custom scorecards can help substantially increase automation in the credit underwriting process and improve risk control at the point of origination while allowing financial institutions to gain more business.


Identifying an Optimal DTI Definition Through Analytics

Three ways the commonly used debt-to-income (DTI) ratio can be calculated are presented. Each version is first described in terms of main characteristics and then analyzed in terms of risk prediction using portfolio data. The main goal is to benchmark each version to provide financial institutions with insight into their own calculation process.


The Achieve pricing optimization solution helps us compete with the big boys of the indirect lending world. It gives our community bank a tool that all major lenders use and that we couldn’t afford to develop on our own. It now allows us to buy the profitable deals and avoid those that don’t meet our desired return.

- Case study quote from Anderson Brothers Bank
Anderson Brothers Achieve

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