Next-Gen Mortgage Lending: The Digital Reality of the Housing Market

On-Demand Webinar

Consumer confidence may be recovering, but today’s mortgage market remains challenging for lenders and borrowers. Between fluctuating housing affordability and inflation, growing fintech competition, and changing borrower expectations it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Some lenders may even think that waiting for things to improve is the optimal path forward. However, it’s these moments, filled with change and potential disruptions, that can bring about the greatest opportunities.  

Luckily, consumers across the financial services industry are telling us exactly what they want—a borrowing experience that is easy, transparent, and personalized, and this next generation of borrowers is no exception. Join us for this webinar where we’ll explore: 

  • Why millennials and Gen Z are integral to your short and long-term mortgage success. 
  • Barriers these generations face in becoming homeowners, and how you can help. 
  • Challenges financial institutions (FIs) face in securing millennial and Gen Z borrowers. 
  • Strategies to educate next-gen borrowers and your lending teams. 
  • How investing in digital mortgage technology can help your FI facilitate a more valuable, personal relationship with borrowers. 

Presented By:

Vince Fury,
SVP, Mortgage Sales, MeridianLink