Leverage Embedded Finance Tactics To Optimize Digital Experiences

On-Demand Webinar

Why Watch? 

  • Boost Online Visibility: Learn how to strategically amplify the online presence of financial service products to elevate consumer experiences. 
  • Meet Diverse Expectations: Explore strategies to navigate complex lending journeys by tailoring product offerings across multiple channels to maximize engagement and meet diverse consumer information needs.  
  • Leverage Consumer Data: Harness the power of consumer data to customize and deliver relevant product offers that resonate with your audience. 
  • Key Moments of Receptivity: Identify and capitalize on critical moments of consumer receptivity to drive meaningful engagement and conversions. 
  • Technology Partnerships: Understand the pivotal role of technology partnerships and integrations in embedding products seamlessly into consumer journeys. 

By the end of this session, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the vital role product visibility plays in enhancing consumer experience, along with actionable tactics to boost product engagement and drive conversions.

Presented By:

Amy Robertson,
Sr. Manager, Digital Experience & Distribution. TruStage

Corrin Maier,
Vice President, Lending Business Segment, TruStage