Getting Ready for Tomorrow: Practical Steps to Digital Progression

On-Demand Webinar

Financial industry professionals face a myriad of challenges, from fierce competition to the complexities of adopting digital solutions, all while striving to secure consumer loyalty amidst economic pressures. 

Join in for an insightful webinar from MeridianLink® in partnership with The Financial Brand. In this webinar, we’ll explore practical steps to achieve digital maturity tailored to your institution’s unique pace and needs. 

Some key issues we’ll address include: 

  • Market Saturation: Navigate the crowded landscape of traditional banks, fintech startups, and digital platforms. 
  • Digital Transformation: Witness firsthand how the demand for convenience and personalized experiences is driving digital evolution.  
  • Customer Loyalty: Learn strategies to utilize data analytics and AI-enabled tools to maintain customer loyalty.  
  • Implementation Challenges: Overcome the complexities of implementing digital upgrades and third-party integrations.  
  • Economic Pressures: Tackle issues such as deposit attrition and net interest margin compression affecting revenue and profitability.  

Presented By:

Wes Zauner,
VP Product Management, MeridianLink