Creating a Simplified Application Process with SavvyMoney and MeridianLink

Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

On-Demand Webinar

Empowering Consumer Engagement Through Innovation & Partnership!

SavvyMoney serves over 1,100 financial institutions across the country as a leading provider of credit scores, pre-qualified loan offers, and analytics. Join us for our webinar where SavvyMoney® will present how their solution integration with MeridianLink® Consumer creates a frictionless way to move consumers through their loan applications with instant access to credit scores, money-saving offers, personalized financial education, timely notifications, and much more—all wrapped in an intuitive and engaging experience.    

Presented By:

Megan Pulliam,
SVP Marketplace, MeridianLink 

JB Orecchia, 
CEO, SavvyMoney

Ryan Sonnenberg, Director of Marketing, SavvyMoney

Jason Stidham,  Manager Corporate Marketing, SavvyMoney