4 Ways Collection Software Can Support Your Collections Team

On-Demand Webinar

Date: March 2, 2023

Financial institutions continue to see the expected rise in consumer delinquency rates as we enter 2023. In 2022, following several moratoriums ending, we saw an increase in delinquencies among Gen Z and millennials, along with other groups. This trend is pouring over into the new year, with inflation also being a key factor in the recent rise. With these recent market changes, financial institutions are preparing their teams with tools to keep their members out of delinquency. Join us as we showcase how MeridianLink® Collect can help support your staff as they navigate today’s collections process. 

This webinar will cover: 

  • Brief intro on current market trends 
  • 4 areas collections teams should focus on, including:  
    • Compliance rules 
    • Efficient workflows and queues 
    • Communication practices 
    • In-platform Integrations  
  • LIVE audience Q&A 

Who should attend: 

  • MeridianLink® Consumer clients who do not have MeridianLink Collect  
  • MeridianLink Collect clients 
  • Any financial institution interested in MeridianLink Consumer and MeridianLink Collect

Presented By:

Matt Smithson,
Director of Product, MeridianLink


John Cosgrove,
Senior Product Business Analyst, MeridianLink