A month into 2024, collections departments nationwide are continuing to see a rise in delinquencies, creating potential new headaches for financial institutions helping consumers navigate debt. 

Luckily, MeridianLink® solutions are designed to make the collections process as simple as possible! Join us for our upcoming webinar “Mastering Your Collections” to learn more about three key MeridianLink® Collect features that have helped our customers manage collections with ease: custom fields, third-party and MeridianLink® Consumer integrations, and built-in features that support compliance. Plus, ask your pressing questions in a live Q&A and get a first look at exciting new updates coming soon for MeridianLink Collect! 

Why Attend? 

  • Master Custom Fields: Learn how to create custom fields and build workflows tailored to your organization’s unique needs. 
  • Discover Powerful Integrations: Uncover deeper insights and build smoother collections processes with MeridianLink Collect’s integration with MeridianLink Consumer and a growing network of third-party integrations. 
  • Understand Compliance Features: Reduce risk with built-in, customizable compliance rules to easily protect your organization and respect consumer privacy. 

Whether you’re an existing MeridianLink Collect user trying to further optimize your processes or seeking to replace your current collections platform with a smoother operation, we encourage you to attend to see how MeridianLink can help.