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Digital progress paves the way for greater growth, consumer satisfaction, and future-proofs your business to address tomorrow’s challenges.

At MeridianLink®, drawing on our extensive experience supporting thousands of financial institutions, we’ve developed a proven process to guide financial institutions toward digital excellence. Our multi-phase blueprint for success is tailored to your unique priorities, resources, and timing requirements.

Your Goals, Our Mission

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Grow Your Institution

Increase portfolio growth, attract more consumers, and deliver the best user experience.

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Deepen Relationships

Deepen consumer financial relationships by delivering better, more personalized digital experiences.

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Increase Efficiency

Scale up with confidence, reduce manual processes, and increase efficiencies without sacrificing accuracy.

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Reduce Risk

Effectively manage risk and stay compliant with leading fraud and risk mitigation solutions.

Tangible Results From MeridianLink Customers

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Increase in deposit applications of 168%


Increase of over $11mm in funded loans

Having our blueprint for digital progress is invaluable as we continue on our path to digital maturity.

Lynn Yznaga, SVP, Broadway Bank

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+20% increase in pre-approved, automated cross-sell offers

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MeridianLink’s Digital Progression Model

Disciplined Progression Across Five Primary Areas

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Consumer Experience

Why It Matters: Consumers prioritize digital-first interactions and demand seamless solutions. Meeting them on their preferred platforms is non-negotiable; failure to do so risks losing them to competitors.

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Share-Of-Wallet Growth

Why It Matters: Standing out amidst competitors requires more than just visibility. Consumers crave personalized experiences and trust that their financial institution understands their needs. To secure their loyalty, offer tailored solutions promptly and reliably.

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Instant Decisioning

Why It Matters: In the race for consumer attention, timing is everything. To capitalize on opportunities, you must deliver offers promptly. Fail to do so, and competitors will swoop in to seize the moment.

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Process Automation

Why It Matters: Streamlining workflows not only enhances consumer satisfaction but also accelerates funding processes. By minimizing obstacles, you ensure both consumers and employees experience efficiency, setting your institution apart from the rest.

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Data Centricity

Why It Matters: Your institution’s data is more than just numbers — it’s the key to unlocking success. By leveraging actionable insights, you empower every aspect of your operations. Neglect data, and you risk falling behind without understanding why.

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Continuous Innovation, Superior Results

Step 1: Assess/Iterate

Step 2: Design/Adjust

Step 3: Execute

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