Customer Success Story

Taking Consumer & Mortgage Lending Processes From Average to Outstanding

How Pathways Financial Credit Union Created Smoother Origination Processes With MeridianLink One

Headquarters: Columbus, OH
Branch locations: 10
Members: 55,000
Managed Assets: $600 Million

The Challenge

Upgrading To More Advanced Consumer & Mortgage Origination Solutions

Pathways Financial Credit Union (Pathways) has been serving members across the Columbus, OH region for over 50 years, delivering checking and savings services in addition to a range of loan products. As a Fannie Mae lender, it sells directly through Fannie Mae; it also sells through the Federal Home Loan Banks, and between these partnerships and other loan offerings, Pathways produces roughly $39 million in mortgage loans annually. With the volume of loans the credit union processes each year, it’s imperative that its consumer and mortgage loan origination systems be equipped with the most advanced technology possible, from robust automations to compatibility with a range of third-party partner providers. Pathway’s then-current loan origination systems, while adequate, weren’t quite performing at the desired level, especially when it came to data analytics and decisioning capabilities. It was time for an upgrade.

The biggest thing we’ve gained from MeridianLink Mortgage is the throughput. We can easily handle double the volume that we were before. MeridianLink Mortgage has provided us with the capability to handle a lot more volume.

Curtis Onofri

VP of Lending, Pathways Financial Credit Union

The Solution

MeridianLink® One

Pathways decided to adopt MeridianLink® Mortgage and MeridianLink® Consumer, part of the MeridianLink® One digital lending platform, for the lending origination systems’ flexibility, automations, and ample integration options.

Why Pathways Federal Credit Union Chose MeridianLink One

Easy, accurate loan pricing with built-in PriceMyLoan® engine.

Create seamless workflows with hundreds of third-party integrations.

Complete control of origination processes with customizable automations & settings.

The Results

Elevated Processes & More Underwritten Loans

Upon switching to MeridianLink One’s consumer and mortgage lending solutions—within budget and the desired timeline—Pathways has noticed several improvements.

Now, staff finally have the customization and flexibility to craft completely bespoke end-to-end origination processes to handle the wide breadth of circumstances they face; the built-in PriceMyLoan pricing engine, as well as automated decision engines, reduced manual workload while providing faster decisions and more accurate prices for an overall better member experience; and hundreds of third-party integrations for MeridianLink Consumer and MeridianLink Mortgage give the credit union access to “best-inbreed” vendors for various solutions.

Alongside these improvements, Pathways also enjoys the mobile-friendly API portal that has allowed staff to move applications through the process faster and more easily. The credit union’s Vice President of Lending, Curtis Onofri, explained, “Overall, we definitely see quite a bit of time savings and manpower reductions.”

The result has been swifter, more personalized service with a 20% increase in loans underwritten.

Learn how MeridianLink One can help you create streamlined end-to-end originations.

Pathways Federal Credit Union Achieved Impressive Results with MeridianLink One