Customer Success Story

An Upgraded Consumer LOS With Record-Breaking Results


Headquarters: Sheboygan, WI
Branch locations: 10
Managed Assets: $615 million

The Challenge

Increasing Lending Efficiency & Volume

Kohler Credit Union (Kohler CU) was searching for a new consumer loan origination system (LOS) to boost application and workflow efficiencies, as well as increase loan volume. Its old system required more manual tasks, taking up valuable staff resources and time. This resulted in slower processing times and, by extension, fewer approvals than staff would have liked to see.

It used to take us one day to close a loan. Now, our record time for a brand-new account to a funded loan is 22 minutes!

Dale Livingston

SVP Lending, Kohler Credit Union

The Solution

MeridianLink® Consumer

Kohler CU began its search for a new consumer LOS by asking its vendor partners for their recommendations. Those vendors were unanimous in their suggestions: MeridianLink Consumer was the best choice.

Why Kohler Credit Union Selected MeridianLink Consumer

Automated decisioning saves time without sacrificing accuracy.

User-friendly interface for fast, easy application processes.

Hundreds of integrations to seamlessly fit within existing flows.

The Results

More User-Friendly, Growth-Minded Operations

Upon adopting MeridianLink® Consumer, Kohler CU quickly noticed more efficient, intuitive workflows. Even in the demo phase, staff— including those less familiar with the lending process—were able to complete roughly 95% of the application without needing any help.

Advanced automations significantly reduced the time needed to complete applications from an applicant and staff perspective. Automated decisioning in particular was a huge boon to the credit union, allowing it to automate consumer lending across four tiers to produce more loans in less time.

Third-party integrations also helped Kohler CU save time and streamline efforts by removing the need to navigate between separate applications, allowing for access to each program from a single sign-on.

In fact, these gains helped the credit union to achieve a record-breaking $25 million in consumer loans in a six-week timeframe.

Kohler Credit Union Achieved Impressive Results with MeridianLink Consumer