Posted by MeridianLink | July 19, 2023

Faster Decisions & 25% More Instant Approvals: Space Coast Credit Union Finds Success With MeridianLink One


As the third-largest credit union in Florida, Space Coast Credit Union (SCCU) provides banking and lending services to over 600,000 members across the state’s east coast. And with that large of a membership, delivering an integrated digital experience becomes imperative to ensure a consistent, simple, and fast loan application experience. 

That’s why SCCU decided to adopt the MeridianLink® One platform, implementing MeridianLink® Consumer and MeridianLink® Insight to combine optimized lending processes with data-driven analytics for a better member experience and reduced manual workflows.  

With MeridianLink Insight, the credit union was able to look under the hood and uncover snags in its loan origination process, which could then be addressed by features within MeridianLink Consumer such as custom queues and advanced automations. The end result has been a 25% increase in instant approvals and approximately 95% of all loan applications being processed and decided within a single day. 

“MeridianLink® allows us to provide personalized offers for our members,” said Gary Prager, senior vice president and chief strategy and growth officer at Space Coast Credit Union. “The MeridianLink One platform allowed us to shift SCCU to an automated processing system with custom workflows to meet our members’ needs. The integrated approach of the platform provided us with greater revenue-boosting engagement opportunities.” 

For more details, read the full press release. 

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