Platinum Sponsor Keynote—Solving Identity Fraud at Account Opening: Identity Insights Fraudsters Can’t Buy

Presented by Socure

The only way to stop sophisticated, illusive fraud attacks, which are increasingly powered by Gen AI, is to gain this holistic view of identity risk with rich historical context. To keep your business protected and primed for growth, financial institutions must adopt more advanced, passive methods for identity validation and authentication that don’t sacrifice a frictionless user experience. We will cover the different types of fraud, including synthetic identities, and first- and third-party fraud. Additionally, we will explore tools to minimize risk and protect your operations.

3 Reasons to Attend this Session

  1. How to incorporate effective, risk-based identity verification when onboarding users that minimizes friction foo good users and deflects fraudsters
  2. How to adapt to evolving fraud techniques by addressing common vulnerabilities in your fraud prevention program
  3. Employ a privacy forward approach to associate device, behavior, network, and location patterns at a consortium scale, instead of relying on antiquated device fingerprinting techniques that no longer work on modern privacy-conscientious devices