B7 Navigating the Millennial & Gen Z Mindset in Mortgage Lending

Discover how mortgage lenders are strategically positioning themselves to seize the upcoming market opportunity driven by millennials and Gen Z. As these influential demographic group become a dominant force in the mortgage landscape, understanding their unique needs and preferences is crucial. Hear from a panel of MeridianLink Mortgage customers for insightful discussions on successful approaches, innovative strategies, and best practices for engaging millennial and Gen Z borrowers. Understand the preferences, challenges, and aspirations of millennial and Gen Z homebuyers and how technology can enhance mortgage processes, communication, and overall borrower experience.

3 Reasons to Attend this Session

  1. Hear from customers on their successes in engaging the next generation of home buyers
  2. Learn preferences, needs and aspirations of this demographic
  3. How to position your organization to this influential group