A7 Actionable, Near Real-Time Insights To Accelerate Your Origination Processes

Let’s talk about one of the strongest use cases for streaming data: workflow management. Don’t let an application get lost in a queue again! Our customers are now able to set and operate against queue time SLAs in minutes. Discover how MeridianLink can help you identify strategic opportunities, accelerate workflow efficiency, and utilize data-driven solutions to execute. We’ll share actionable insights that can help you accelerate origination processing times, identify opportunities to improve performance, and empower your loan officers to execute against company-defined targets in minutes rather than hours.

3 Reasons to Attend this Session

  1. Actionable insights that can help accelerate origination processing times.
  2. Leverage data to identify strategic opportunities to improver performance.
  3. Enable officers to execute against company defined targets in minutes rather than hours.