F2B Diamond Sponsor—Zest: Power Your Lending Ecosystem for Smarter, Faster Decisions

Too often we’re told we need extra bells and whistles to get smarter auto-decisioning. But your existing lending ecosystem, with the power of AI, can give you that instant, accurate, fair decision and risk assessment your members are asking for. In this session, you’ll hear a case study showcasing how credit unions are utilizing their LOS with AI insights to streamline their lending process and enhance member satisfaction.

3 Reasons to Attend this Session

  1. How credit unions can increase efficiencies and automation with AI lending technology for more accurate scores and optimized credit policies
  2. Find the right AI lending partner to enable you to attract more members and beat your competitors
  3. Why it’s critical to have a US-based team that is invested in your industry and actively works with policymakers to support your innovation journey for the long term